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Gateway Church Geelong

Sunday October 24th

Sunday October 24th

Sunday October 24th

Locations & Times

Gateway Church Geelong

175 Moolap Station Rd, Moolap VIC 3224, Australia

Sunday 10:30 AM


How to handle difficult conversations - Ps Naomi Eden.

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Gateway Sermons

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The condition of a man's heart can be seen through the words he speaks.
There is a difference between Brutal honesty and honesty that is filled with God's kindness & grace (ability, power, strength).
The whole point of a difficult conversation is to enact long-term change that benefits the listener, and often the communicator as well.
Lead with Grace, because truth is its companion.
1.When handling difficult conversations, be aware of the Time and Place.

2. When handling difficult conversations, be aware of your Pitch, tone and velocity of speech
1. Jesus had perspective based on God's truth.
2. Jesus believed that we could grow.
3. Jesus was grace.

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