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Family Worship Center - Raton, NM

Unstoppable (Wk2)

Unstoppable (Wk2)

In these 6 messages, we are going to examine the remarkable spread of the gospel and the kingdom of God from Jerusalem, to Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the world. Jesus has commissioned every one of his followers to be his witness by the power of the Holy Spirit. Despite challenges from outside and within, the kingdom of God continues to advance. Today, we continue to be his witnesses and have a vital role in the continuing story of Jesus’s unstoppable kingdom.

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Family Worship Center

219 Kearney Ave, Raton, NM 87740, USA

Sunday 10:00 AM

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What a time to be alive! I’m thankful that we don’t know a world without the hope of Jesus! As I have been doing this bible in a year study… we have been in Jeremiah and I see brokenness of humanity. Everyone did what was pleasing to them and chaos was in place. Even God’s frustration with humanity in that season was countered with the promises of a future of hope. One that resides around the truth of his Son, Jesus!

Even the chaos of the people of Israel and Judah during Jeremiah’s time saw God’s mercy as they were taken to Babylon under the control of King Neb. But God told the people through Jeremiah… “Go with them and don’t fight them and you will be fine.” But they didn’t listen even to that fully. So even in His frustration, He allows the kingdom of Israel to fall, but he still shows mercy and sets a time frame of 70 years…AND then will punish the nations that overran Israel!

The bible is amazing y’all! I would encourage you to read through it in a year.

With all that said though… these people lived in a Pre-Jesus…pre-messiah time. They didn’t have the hope that we have! They didn’t have the ability to put their faith in Christ as their redeemer.

And again.. redeemer literally meaning the one who paid the price for. (in place of)

We see that same struggle today. In our humanity, without Jesus as our Lord and Savior… and without the Holy Spirit Leading and Guiding us… We don’t look too much different than our counter parts of the last 5000 years of history.

The only difference between then and now… We have unparalleled access through Jesus and unparalleled ability through the power of the Holy Spirit at work within us. Then to top it off… He gave us each other to edify (encourage each other in the work of the ministry.) Not necessarily vocationally, but simply the life of a believer!
As we read today, I want to simply challenge you in this thought process…

Yes… Peter was a disciple… but He too was a man that was empowered by the Holy Spirit. So, as we read today… don’t disregard the reality that the Holy Spirit can use you in the same fashion.
What did life look like for these New Believers?
1) Devotion to God and His word
2) Fellowship with One Another
3) Radical Generosity and Sharing, and...
4) praying and worshiping together.
Application: What does that mean for us?
We will allow Jesus to show his lordship in our lives.
Big Idea of the Message:
After being filled with the Holy Spirit, the gospel is proclaimed; thousands are saved, the church is born, and God’s kingdom begins to impact Jerusalem.
If we come to the table with a skeptical/cynical/proud heart… it will be difficult for the Holy Spirit to work in us as we can easily write off what God is trying to do as someone else’s foolishness.

We need to be willing to be teachable and accept that God can/will still do a new thing. And if we are willing to hear that… who knows what can transpire.

I do know that we will get sharper in the process as proverbs tells in
Proverbs 27:17
What did life look like for the believers?
1) devotion to God and His word
2) fellowship with one another
3) radical generosity and sharing, and
4) praying and worshiping together.
As a result of Christ-centered value sand spiritual practices in the early church, two powerful effects took place.
1) the church had a tremendous influence on those around them.
2) God brought people into His kingdom
Application Point: As we continually devote ourselves to God and one another, God will draw people into His kingdom.
Wrap Up:
As believers today, we too can have a powerful influence on the world around us.

Again, our goal is not to copy and paste the exact structure of how the early church functioned into our present-day structures.

Rather, we can learn how the first disciples related to God, one another, and the world and apply those under-girding principles to our context.

As we love God and obey his Word, walk in deep community with one another, give selflessly, and pray continually, we will once again change the world by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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