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Pennsville Baptist Church
Sunday Morning Service
Sunday Morning Service
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  • Pennsville Baptist Church
    3298 Richey Rd, Mt Pleasant, PA 15666, USA
    Sunday 9:45 AM
I John 2:3-6
A ‘Know So’ Salvation

1. John has said that Jesus Christ is my Advocate and my propitiation (2:1, 2). That’s theology.
That’s theory. How can we put it into practice?
2. John wants us to know Jesus Christ in practice, by experience. As I know Him in practice, by
experience assurance comes.

Do you have a ‘know so’ salvation? Practice…Practice…Practice.
Do What He Says
A.His Continuation 3
1.Hereby…By this By keeping His commandments and acknowledging that He is our Advocate and propitiation.
2.We know Him John loves the word know. He uses it around 40 times and the word keep 10 times.
*Know is a past completed action having present results. Having it in your heart is different. This is an everyday relationship.
*There is a difference in know about the Lord and knowing Him. That we have come to know Him is a past completed action. Still: “I am getting to know Him.”
3. If we keep His commandments
*Do you want to do God’s will? How do you live?
*The commandments are not merely the 10 or the Law. Those are for the unsaved to
show their need of a Savior. This is for the health, happiness and wellbeing of God’s
*Bear ye one another’s burdens, so fulfill the law of Christ (Gal 6:2) Be kind,
tenderhearted, forgiving one another as God for Christ sake has forgiven you (Eph.
4:32) Quench not the Holy Spirit…Husbands love your wife…(I Thes. 5:14-23)
*To know Him I do what He says when He says it! The Christian, when a choice is
to be made doesn’t do what he pleases, He does what Christ would have Him do.
*The Gnostics boasted of a superior knowledge of Christ. “I know Him.” Let’s see
the way you live: Do you endeavor to keep His commandments? It is not
experience, feelings, sensations, thrills. It is not visions or dreams. Do you do what
He has you to do?
B.His Counterfeit 4
1.Profession Looks Good “I know Him” Yet, he doesn’t guard with care the commandments.
2.Practice Is Lacking Keeps not His commandments. Keep means to guard or treasure. It never hits his ‘to do’ list.
3.Possession Is Evident Liar…the truth is not in him. Him is gender neutral. He or she is unsaved. Their Lip and Life do not go together. The tree is known by its fruit. A Christian has new thoughts, new desires, new actions. Do you know why most Christians doubt their salvation? They lack a practical obedience to Christ. They are inconsistent in their walk.

Do you have a ‘know so’ salvation? Practice…Practice…Practice.
Do What He Wants.
A.The Participants
1. There is no difference. This is open to every believer.
2. It is available to all who believe.
B.The Practice
Whosoever keeps His word.
1.Commandments given are the word of God. The word of God is not all commandments, but the commandments are contained within the Word of God.
2.The Word is His completed revelation to us about His will for our lives.
C. The Produce
Verily the love of God is perfected.
1.Illustration: Command…Carry out the trash…do the dishes…mow the lawn…shovel the snow…hoe the garden. Love: Dad gets sick…you do all of the above and you harvest the crops without being told!
2.Love is matured. It affects not only those things commanded. This one wants to please the Father in everything that he does!
3.How many times have I heard: Can I drink and be saved? Can I date one who is unsaved and still be saved? Can I have pre-maritial sex and still be saved? That is not the question!! You don’t see how close to the edge of a cliff you can get without falling off. Here is the question: Which is most pleasing to my Father? Will my heavenly Father be pleased? Which will bring most honor and joy to Him?
When In Doubt…Don’t!
D.The Persuasion
By this we know that we are in Him.

Do you have a ‘know so’ salvation? Practice…Practice…Practice.
Do What He Would Do.
A.His Communication
1.He that says…This is what he or she professes.
2.I abide in Him
*Abide is the Greek word meno. It is used of a person abiding in the home…fellowship, communion, dependency, harmony all is involved in abiding.
*John 15 of the vine and the branches…abiding is used.
*Within me I feel a great desire to be like Him, to walk as He walked. Abide In Christ Andrew Murray
B. His Compulsion
Ought himself also to walk.
1. There is an obligation…it is a personal unction.
2. It is a deeper…drive…passion…compulsion.
C.His Compliance
Walk, even as He walked.
1.It is a supernatural request.
2.This is practical Christianity. This is the way to live, conduct our lives. This is our life style…our progress. As we move forward towards a goal…it ought to be Christlike!
3.When a situation or question arises…do what Christ would do. The key is (Eph. 5:18) Be filled (controlled) by the Holy Spirit.
4.Key: Abide In Christ…Christ in you the hope of glory. It is the secret to walk as Christ walked. Christ wants to live His life through us by the power of the Holy Spirit. It’s not Imitation…it’s INCARNATION. (Christ In You) through His Spirit.
5.He wants be to see the world through His eyes: Love as He Loved…Cared as He Cared. Christ Lives In Me!

Do you have a ‘know so’ salvation? Practice…Practice…Practice
Practice His Precepts: Do what He says.
Practice His Principles: Do what He wants.
Practice His Pattern: Do what He would do.

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