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Pennsville Baptist Church
Sunday Morning Service
Sunday Morning Service
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  • Pennsville Baptist Church
    3298 Richey Rd, Mt Pleasant, PA 15666, USA
    Sunday 9:45 AM
I John 2:1, 2
A Stance of Victory

1. We are dealing with Fellowship not Relationship. Little children…God as Father. Sin in
the believer is a problem. Heavenly sharing cannot take place with known sin in our lives.
2. In Light of what John has said in v. 10. He just said that all mankind will sin. If sin is
inevitable, why struggle with it? If the blood of Christ continually cleanses us from all sin
(v. 7), why worry about committing sin? Why not just sin and confess later? Have you
ever thought that? It’s a mentality of defeat that God never intended!
3. I John 2:1,2 God wants us to not sin.

How do we move from a mentality of defeat to a stance of victory?
A. Relationship
1. My little children…little born ones the Greek is the word teknia. These were placed
into God’s family by the new birth. But as many as received Him He gives the
ability to become children (tekna) of God even to those who believe on His name.
(John 1:12) You must be born again (from above) (John 3)
2. Upon believing the nature of Jesus Christ lives within by the Holy Spirit.
B. Reality
These things I write unto you that you sin not.
1.These things: Offspring of that light (v. 5) In light of the cross and continually cleansing (v. 7) A warning to be on guard (vss. 8, 10) Even the confessing and cleansing that is available (v. 9)
2.That you sin not (in the Greek is aorist tense…not at all…not a single act of sin).
*God doesn’t want His children to sin at all.
*It doesn’t say a Christian cannot sin or will not sin. God’s desire is that we walk
in obedience to His Word.
*Far from tolerating sin I would have your aim at being sinless. Make it your
design, desire, and determination not to sin.
*Christians should not see how little they can sin. A Christian should not expect to
yield to temptation to sin! God wants us to move from a mentality of defeat to a
stance of victory. By God’s grace I will say, “NO!”
3. Illustration of Spurgeon: “A cloud came between me and my Savior, and I wanted
to remove it even before I got across the street.”

How do we move from a mentality of defeat to a stance of victory?
A.The Act of Sin
Not one sin is my goal. I will keep short account with God. And if any man sin (any in God’s family)
1.He is dealing with fellowship. We have an unredeemed body with an unredeemed thinker, feeler and chooser.
2.We have desire and lusts that are contrary to the character and will of God. Even though we yearn for the things of God, we fail. Regardless of our desire not to sin there are times we will.
B.The Advocate for Sin 1b
We have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous.
1.We He is not talking to the unsaved. The unsaved needs a Redeemer, a Savior not an Advocate.
2.We is John, the Apostles, the believers at Ephesus, you and me.
3. Advocate is the Greek word paraclete The word is found in John 14, 15, 16 in the word Comforter which is the Holy Spirit.

*Parakaleo is to call alongside to help in time of need.
*We have is present tense and implies duration, and continuation. We have
constantly, always as our Advocate. The is why 1:7 is true: the blood of Christ
continually cleanses us from sin.
*Advocate in New Testament times: “It appears that the relationship of the
Advocate and client constituted a settled personal tie involving acquaintanceship
and often kinship between parties.” He was not merely a hired pleader.
“He was his patron and standing counsel, the head of the order or clan to which
both belonged, bound by the claims of honor and family association, to stand by His
humble defendant and to see him through when his legal standing was imperiled; he
was his client’s natural protector and the appointed captain of his salvation.”
*When does He start pleading our cause? When we sin? Before we sin? After we
confess? He is always our Advocate! He is continually pleading our cause!
4. Jesus Christ the Righteous
*He is not the Sinless One…the Merciful One…the Loving One…the Tender
One…NO! The issue here is sin and that which is opposed to a righteous, holy
God…Jesus Christ the Righteous!
*The standard hasn’t changed (2:1a) The Standard must be met. Jesus Christ meets
God’s standard: God doesn’t want good people. God wants perfect people. He
stands in my stead. He is pleading based on His sinless sacrifice (1:7).
*We stand before God “in Christ”. We stand in His Righteousness. God never
sees me apart from His Son. He always sees us clothed in the garment of His
C.The Answer to Sin 2a
1.And He is the propitiation for our sins.
*The word propitiation (satisfaction, atonement) is the same word used for mercy seat in the Old Testament.
*It signifies what Christ has become for the sinner. This is the meeting place
between God and men.
*He is the abiding propitiation. Our ‘sins’ deserve the wrath of God. Sin is Sin!
Jesus paid for those sins, the blood is applied!
2. Not for us only, but the whole world…
*This is not universalism…which say the atonement is automatically applied to all.
*His atonement is sufficient, it is adequate for all. Illustration: The Death Angel
would not pass over unless the blood was applied. The blood must be applied!
*Has the blood been applied?

How can we move from a mentality of defeat to a stance of victory?
You do not have to go on sinning!
Keep short accounts with God.

We have an Advocate: Jesus is in Heaven pleading my case before the Father.
I am in Him and He is enough!

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