CrossWay Church
October 10, 2021: ONE Body
These are the Bible passage and sermon notes for our Sunday morning worship services.
Locations & Times
  • CrossWay Church Battle Ground
    311 N Parkway Ave, Battle Ground, WA 98604, USA
    Sunday 9:30 AM
  • CrossWay Church
    Sunday 10:00 AM
Colossians 3:11-7: ONE Body
I) Background on the Book of Colossians.
A) It is a letter written by ____________ to the Colossae church.
B) It is a growing church plant facing __________________ pressures.
II) Our Identity
Intersectionality: People live / exist at the “intersection” of all their individual characteristics (race, gender, economic class, etc.).
A) Identities that the Colossians may have claimed.
1) _____________________ Identity
2) _____________________ Identity
3) _____________________ class
B) Paul urges believers to make their relationship Christ their _____________ identity.
C) Other things may shape who we are, but their importance ___________.
III) Our calling
A) Put off __________.
B) Put ______ the attitude of Christ.
1) _______________: Showing empathy toward needs.
2) Godly _________________ is focused on others especially those we don’t naturally get along with.
3) ________________: Valuing others higher than yourself.
4) _________________ is a controlled strength that displays a tenderness towards others.
5) __________________ is graciously dealing with difficult people and standing firm and persevering through difficult circumstances.
6) Be ready to ____________________.
7) Display sacrificial _________.
C) Do life together with other believers!
1) Cultivate _________________ in your heart and around you.
2) Be _______________.
3) Let the __________ of Christ rule our lives!
a) The Bible will teach us _________ things.
b) The Bible will also _____________ thoughts and behavior.
D) Everything is motivated by gratitude for what Christ has done.

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