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10.3.2021 | Lessons from Daniel - Part 1
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October 3, 2021

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October 3rd, 2021 - Gil Tunney

Nebuchadnezzar deported the Jewish intelligentsia and forced them to relocate to Babylon. Among them were Daniel, Hannania, Mishael and Azaryia (from the tribe of Judah). All three were princes of the tribe of Judah.
Why did this all happen? Like today, not everyone then was faithful; or kept the Lords commandments. It has always been the faithful few or remnant that has remained faithful. The Lord has always had a special word for these people.
The men were to be trained or “brainwashed” for three years prior to their service. The purpose of this education was to transform Jews into Babylonians.
How did Christians resist despots?
Conformers are people who are controlled by pressures from without. Transformers are people whose lives are controlled by a power from within. In our case, the Holy Spirit. Of course this requires you be wholly committed to the Lord. When these four men had to make a choice they chose the Word of God.
They chose to trust God with their choice.

The second step was to be gracious. They noticed that Aspenaz was kind to them and saw it was God working. They asked for an experiment.
All through the Bible you will see that people of courage who had to defy authority in order to obey God took this approach.
Format for facing a problem:
1) Ask God for the courage to face it with humility.
2) Ask God for wisdom to understand it.
3) Ask God for the strength to do what He tells us to.
4) Ask God for the faith to trust Him to do the rest.
The result of the experiment . . .
Now the end of their instruction comes . . .
The king was having strange recurring dreams that really troubled him. His “experts” couldn’t help him.
Here’s our second lesson from Daniel. What’s the first thing he did when faced with an insurmountable problem?
God revealed the secret to him that night and Daniel praised God for it.
Then Daniel went to Arioch and went to the king and interpreted the dream. Nebuchadnezzar had seen an immense metallic statue dashed to atoms by a huge stone, that then grew to a huge mountain that covered the earth.

So here’s the format Daniel used for facing this problem. It’s pretty close to the first one we looked at.

1) He used his God given wisdom to ask for more time.
2) Then he prayed.
3) Then he joyfully praised God.
4) He gave a faithful interpretation to the king.
Here’s the meaning of the king’s dream.

The head of gold:
Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonian kingdom. It lasted from 636 BC to 539BC. Jeremiah called Babylon “a golden cup in the Lord’s hand”

The breast and arms of silver:
The Medo-Persian kingdom (539BC to 330BC) Darius the Meade conquered Babylon.

The belly and thighs of bronze:
The Grecian kingdom (330-BC to 63BC) Alexander the Great established what was probably the largest empire in ancient times. He died in 323BC

The legs of iron and feet of iron and clay:
The Roman Empire (63BC -475AD) Iron represents strength, but clay represents weakness. Rome was strong in law, organization, and military might, but the empire included so many different people that this created weakness.

This shows how difficult it will be to hold things together at the end of the age. Wherever iron touches clay, there is weakness. Society today is held together by treaties that can be broken, promises that can be ignored, traditions that can be forgotten, organizations that can be disbanded and money making enterprises that can fail. Another truth of this image is that Jesus will return and destroy his enemies. The stone is a frequent image in scripture of Messiah.
It appears from this that the Roman Empire will continue in some form until the end of the age and culminate in the rule of 10 kings.
Whatever remains of these kingdoms will be destroyed, and Christ will establish His kingdom over all the earth.

Now Nebuchadnezzar praises God and promotes Daniel and his friends.

The statue…The next thing we see is Nebuchadnezzar building a 90 ft tall gold statue of himself and setting it up on the plain of Dura. He then makes a decree.
If people are concerned only with survival, they will do almost anything to escape danger and death.
The three didn’t bow down because they had nothing to fear.
The king must have respected them because he gave them a second chance, but the politely refused.
We all have heard this story. Let’s look at the ending . . .
As we move closer to the end of this age, the heat will be turned up on us and it will take a lot of grace, prayer courage and faith to resist the temptation to “bow down.”

Twenty or thirty years later, we find the king still arrogant. The kingdom was at peace and he felt it was all because he was so great a king. However, he had a dream that terrified him.
Even though Daniel was shocked, he interpreted the dream.
Because of his concern for the king Daniel pleads with him…
God is patient and gives the king a year, but…
As soon as the words are out of his mouth, a voice from heaven proclaims his fate, and within the hour it happens. The rest of the dream is fulfilled and the king lives in the fields for seven years. At the end of that time he suddenly he looks up to heaven and praises God.
Now that’s a LOT of scripture. What are the lessons to be learned from it?

I think the lessons here are:
1. God is sovereign and that a person’s wealth and power mean nothing.
2. God is patient. He gave the king a year to repent.
3. God’s word always come true.
4. Repentance brings deliverance.

Nebuchadnezzar closed his proclamation with a word of warning.

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