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Sunday Morning Service
Sunday Morning Service
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  • Pennsville Baptist Church
    3298 Richey Rd, Mt Pleasant, PA 15666, USA
    Sunday 9:45 AM
I John 1:5-10
Living Fellowship

1. Fellowship is introduced in v. 3. Some at Ephesus were deceived (v. 6 if we say we have
fellowship). Fellowship is saving fellowship. All through I John, John wants them to know
they have eternal life (also if they don’t). I John 1:5-2:11 John is providing test for those
saying they enjoy saving fellowship: If we say…a. Walking in the light (1:5-7) b.
Confession of sin (sensitive to sin) (1:8-2:2) c. Obedience to God’s commands (2:3-6) d.
Love for fellow believers (2:7-11 especially v.9).
2. How am I going to have fellowship with Jesus Christ? V. 5 is the foundation: The
message is from Jesus Christ: God is light and in Him is no darkness at all (not one bit).
Since we are His children to some degree this should also describe us. God is holy,
righteous, pure. He doesn’t want good people. He wants perfect people. Of which we are
3. Speaking of His character…if we will never be perfect…How will I ever have fellowship
with Him?
4. I John 1:6-10 there are 4 essentials for fellowship.

How am I going to have fellowship with Jesus Christ? 4 essentials:
A. Profession
1. If we say…this is one of three times this phrase is given in this portion of I John. The
Gnostics were saying something that wasn’t true. It was said, “They had the
morality of a he goat.”
2. Antinomians lived like animals believing the body had no effect on the soul and
3. Today we have something similar: “Homosexual Christians” “Live-In Christians”
“Shaking Up Christians” etc.
B. Practice
1. John wants this to be clear: If we or anyone else say we have saving fellowship (two
fellows in one ship going in the same direction) and habitually, consistently walks in
darkness we lie and do not practice the truth.
2. There are many claiming to have fellowship with Jesus Christ when they don’t.
3. You are a child of your Father…God is light…God is holy.
C. Prevarication
We lie
1.The Examination: Genuine (7, 9; 2:1, 2) Phony (6, 8, 10)
2.The Evidence: Walk in the light is described in vss 8-10 as He is in the light. There is nothing to conceal or hide. There is no attempt to cover up.
3.The Eventuality Fellowship with one another…the blood to Jesus Christ continually cleanses us from sin. He is speaking of positionally and judicially not daily defilement. We still need an up to date account with God.

How am I going to have fellowship with Jesus Christ? 4 essentials:
Sin is singular and speaks of the principle of sin.
A.Our Denial We say we have no sin
1.The Gnostics claimed we had no sin nature. They didn’t believe For all have sinned. They were lost. You have to get lost before you can get saved.
2.If we say…We is John, the apostles, you and me say we have no sin (eradication of the old nature, self, the old man).
B. Our Deception We deceive ourselves.
1. We fool ourselves…“I haven’t sinned since I was saved.” We just make mistakes!
2.It is hard to live with someone who never says, “I’m sorry.” “I was wrong.” “Please forgive me.” All of those implies sin.
C.Our Dilution The truth is not in us.
1. To do so we must avoid God’s standard…Truth.
2.Romans 7:15ff lasted all of Paul’s life. God doesn’t want us to be dominated or controlled by this sinful humanness (SELF). Don’t deny that it exists.

How am I going to have fellowship with Jesus Christ? 4 essentials:
Personal sins:
A.Our Delusion If we say that we have not sinned
1. Out of this principle of sin comes sinful actions at times.
2.Out of sin comes sins or acts of sin. Christians can and do sin. We can make wrong choices and choices have consequences.
3.The Gnostics maintained their superior enlightenment, rendering them incapable of sinning.
B.Our Detriment We make Him a liar…His word is not in us.
1. We make God a liar.
2.His Word is not in us. Ignorance of God’s word: eradication in v. 8 and sinless perfection v. 10.
3.We will never be sinless, but we should sin less and less.

How am I going to have fellowship with Jesus Christ? 4 essentials:
I resign my will to His. The most Christ-like believer is not one who never sins, but one
who sins and cares for it immediately. The Heavenly Fellowship Gate is always open.
A.Our Confession
1. Sins is plural. These are acts of sin.
2.Confess means, To say the same thing. It means to be honest with ourselves…with God and with others.
3.Name the sin. Call it by what God calls it: Jealousy…greed…bitterness…hatred…Lust…pride…self-pity, etc.
4.Confess…Forsake…Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you. REPEAT AS OFTEN AS NECESSARY.
B. Our Cleansing
1. He is faithful and just to forgive our sins…Forgive is the Old Testament idea of scapegoat…My Sins Are Gone!!
2.Faithful and just you can count on it. “I’ve asked at least 1000 times.” That is 999 times too many.
3.Cleanse us from all unrighteousness. “I’m clean”. Keep short accounts with God: 6-9…9-12…12-3…3-6…6-9. Do this for one month. You will never be more than 3 hours out of fellowship with Him.
4.He is not talking relationship. He is talking fellowship.

How can we have fellowship with Jesus Christ?
Revitalization: Are you saved? Is there evidence of your salvation?
Recognition: Are you willing to say, “I’m wrong.”
Realization: I am missing the mark. I have sinned.
Resignation: You are right! I am wrong!
“I’m Clean!”

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