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The Rooted Life wk7 - Wonder in Worship
Many believers live in the state of "being a Christian" without ever being deeply formed by Christ. Our pace is too frenetic to be in union with God, and we don't know how to quiet our hearts and minds to be present. Our emotions are unhealthy and compartmentalized. We feel unable to love well or live differently from the rest of the world - to live as people of the good news. The Rooted Life is a road map to live in the richly rooted place we all yearn for: a place of communion with God, a place where we find our purpose. In this series we want to help us discover some transformational practices and habits that can root your life in the way of Jesus!
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  • Elements City Church
    1825 N Alvernon Way, Tucson, AZ 85712, USA
    Sunday 5:00 PM

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Whether you're on-site or online, we are praying that tonight will be an encouragement to your soul. May God whisper to you and help you in taking your next steps in a journey with Him. If you're new, we'd love to have you fill out our connection card here...

Everybody has to live for something, but Jesus argues that if that thing is not him, it will fail you. It will enslave you...

In the day-to-day trenches of adult life, there is actually no such thing as atheism….no such thing as not worshipping. Everybody worships.
The only choice is what…. (David Foster Wallace)
You and I were designed to be a worshiper, and we will never experience lasting significance or satisfaction in this life without it. Nothing else can take the place that the worship of God (your Creator) is intended to fill in your life….
“I worship in the presence of God as I recognize that in him I find everything that my life demands. And I find that in myself I am incomplete everywhere. A sense of my need and God's resource produces the act and the attitude of worship." -G. Campbell Morgan (London pastor at the turn of the century)

Worship is pulling our affections off our idols and putting them on God.
-Timothy Keller
In worship - we’re meant to experience / find full expression and understanding of the full picture of God and ALL of WHO He is - ALL of WHAT He does!

...the Holiness and Helpfulness of God.
Holiness of God
-read Psalm 93, Psalm 99, Revelation 4 & 5

Helpfulness of God
-read Psalm 23, Psalm 103, Psalm 121

*we’re to get lost in the WONDER of the Helpfulness of God; but we also need to get lost in the HOLINESS of God. He is way MORE than just a divine benevolent helper.

we are made to worship and we want a steady worship diet of the Holiness of God and the Helpfulness of God.
“No one gets better when they simply gaze within.” — Jeremy Riddle

We get transformed as we behold God fully. Worship is meant to transform us and transfer us beyond navel gazing and from a narcissistic self-focus to a gazing upon the GREATNESS and GRANDEUR OF GOD - and that He (as THE CREATOR OF ALL THINGS) is for us and with us and because of ALL OF WHO He is - we’re now strengthened, CHANGED and resolved.
3 quick actions/practices we can employ to grow our WONDER IN WORSHIP

GATHER as the saints to worship; it’s why connection with other believers matters to stay engaged in surrounding ourselves together focusing on God & not just things that swirl around us in the world — AND Sing outside of Sunday’s - let your heart worship solo also!

Reflect (on Scripture; on a worship song) - meditate on it and how God wants to meet you, encourage you, whisper to you and change your gaze upward toward HIM

Take a hike - there’s something about nature that helps us lift our eyes to the Creator and can allow our heart to focus on him in wonder and awe…

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We hope you have been blessed by your time worshipping with us -- through song and through the Word!

We'll see you back at Elements next weekend -- on-site or online -- as we launch a brand new series on one of the most beautiful verses in the Bible and how it challenges us to live... Micah 6:8