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What I Love About Jesus
The eight episodes of The Chosen are now complete. Now, it's your turn to respond. What do you love about Jesus? What does Jesus mean to you?
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  • Ligonier, IN
    151 W Stones Hill Rd, Ligonier, IN 46767, USA
    Saturday 8:00 PM
We welcome you to Stone's Hill today!

A typical Stone's Hill service has:

* music (so feel free to sing out);

* some announcements (things that are upcoming that you can be a part of);

* a message out of the Bible (God speaks to us through his Word);

* and an opportunity for you to respond to the message (either immediately in the case of a decision that needs to be made OR in the future as you live out the message in your daily life.)

So relax and enjoy your morning! We're so glad you are here!
What I Love About Jesus
Jesus didn’t just come here, die quickly for us on a cross, and then leave. When God took on human form, He did so in the frailty of a baby. He grew and did the hard-daily work of a carpenter under oppressive Roman rule. He went through the apparent death of his earthly father, Joseph. Jesus then cared for his mother, a poor, single woman with a family. He hungered in the desert. He wept over the death of a close friend. He suffered fatigue even while teaching, healing, and serving. He was deserted by His best friends. He was then mocked, abused, and killed by those He loved. Yet even in that death, He loved us and He prayed for us “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” In Jesus, we’re known in our weaknesses and loved for who we are and empowered to become our true self made in God’s image (Kelly Monroe).

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