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The Moses Legacy: Exodus - "This is My Name Forever"
Senior Pastor Jon Saur
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  • StoneBridge Community Church
    4832 Cochran St, Simi Valley, CA 93063, USA
    Saturday 5:00 PM, Saturday 5:59 PM

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The Moses Legacy: Exodus

In this sermon series, we will be looking at six key events in the life of Moses. Moses is one of the central characters in scripture to whom Jesus is regularly compared. By looking closely at how God interacted with Moses, we can get a better sense of how God interacts with us and how the New Testament writers responded to God's work through Moses.

The Text In Context

"The Hebrew is translated in its best sense into the English words I AM THAT I AM. The Greek translation of the Old Testament translates this as Ego eimi o’ on – I am the existing Being. This explains the Hebrew more than it translates it, but it gives a good sense of..." Learn more by clicking this link.

The Divine Name

Here is an article on God's name in the Old Testament.
Sermon Outline

I. God's name
A. Names are important
B. Name vs. Title
1. Titles relate to role and responsibility
2. Name is connected to identity
C. God revealing the divine name to Moses signifies intimacy and connection.
D. God has a name - YHWH

II. Names Implies Personality
A. God has personality and character.
B. Important because this is how Israel recognizes the God of the Bible vs. other gods.
C. Antidote for idolatry is recognizing God's character and personality.

III. Our setting today
A. Idolatry still prominent
B. "God" is not God's name. It is a vague term.
C. Historical examples of idolatry
1. WW1
2. US Civil War
D. We can all be susceptible to idolatry.
E. John Calvin - The human mind is a factory of idols.

IV. Antidote to Idolatry
A. God's revelation at the burning bush is an antidote to idolatry.
B. Knowing God's character is the antidote to idolatry.
C. God's character remains consistent, despite our ideas about God.
D. Jesus' character gives us clearest indication of God's personality.
E. Bible Study and growth groups are antidote's to idolatry, in that they root us in God's character.

John Calvin on Idolatry

Here is an article focused on John Calvin's famous statement that the human heart is a factory of idols.

Critique of Germany in WWI

Pastor Jon mentioned how idolatry developed in places like Germany and Britain before WWI. For background, here is an article that discusses the theologian Karl Barth's critique of the German church's participation in the build up to WWI.

1. How did your parents decide your name? If you have children, how did you decide their names?

2. A name identifies a specific person. God's name specifically identified God for the Israelites. How did knowing God's name help prevent idolatry?

3. In what ways and/or where do you see idolatry being present today?

4. How can knowing Jesus' character prevent us from embracing idolatry?

1. Make a list of all of the characteristics you associate with God?

2. Read one of the gospels over the next week and write down the characteristics of Jesus you see in that gospel.

3. Compare the list from the gospel from the list you wrote down in Step 1 and reflect on the differences and similarities.

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