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Stop Going to Church - Part 6: Power Source
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Bottom Line: The source of our power will determine the power of our church.
1. Going to church is of human origin. Being the church is from God.
2. My desires for the church will fail. God's desires for the church can't be stopped.
3. God will fight for His people - the church.
Start Talking

What is something you've needed to use but the power source was bad or didn't work? How did it keep you from doing what you needed to do? How did it make that thing or that tool useless? How frustrating was that?!
Start Thinking

Read Acts 5:27-39. What is a major theme in this passage about the source of power? Specifically, look at verses 29 and 38-39. What are the similar messages? Why do you think this is so important for us to remember in the church?

In Acts 5:29-32, what power does Peter and the apostles cite? Why do you think they had such boldness and authority? What do you think this means for each of us and the church? What role did the Holy Spirit play in this passage and what role does the Holy Spirit play similarly for us?
Start Sharing

When you see church as merely something to go to, how does it shift to being more about personal preference and human purpose and activity? How have you experienced this taking you and others off mission from being the church? What is it like when you are being the church and not just going to church?

What are God's desires for his people - the church? When have you seen this come alive and be so much more than an organization that holds events? How has it impacted or changed your life? Why do you think this has been unstoppable for 2,000 years? How does God fight to keep this alive?
Start Doing

We have defined the local church as believers in one place committed to each other and their shared mission. How are we - and how can we be - committed to each other as the "ekklesia" - God's people? How are we - and how can we be - committed to a shared mission? What specifically can you individually do in each of those?

How does being the church and not just going to church open up opportunities to invite more people to know Jesus and be part of his ekklesia, the body of Christ? How does a church really being the church look so much different than anything else in the world?

Read Acts 2:47. What can you do this week - and what can we do - so that we see the same thing happen among us that was happening in this first church?

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