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FBC Richland

Sunday Worship 9-19-21

Sunday Worship 9-19-21

Welcome to FBC Sunday Worship • Main Session: 9:30 AM • Breakout Sessions: 11:00 AM

Locations & Times

FBC Richland

1107 Wright Ave, Richland, WA 99354, USA

Sunday 9:30 AM

Weekly Bulletin

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Main Session

The Mind of a Servant
Pastor Brad Nelson
Four If-Then Statements - v. 1-2
(IF) Encouragement in Christ -
(THEN) Think the same way
(IF) Consolation of love -
(THEN) Have the same love
(IF) Fellowship with the Spirit -
(THEN) Be united in Spirit
(IF) Affection and mercy -
(THEN) Be intent on one purpose
Paul’s Summary - v. 3-4
Paul’s Illustration - v. 5-11
Paul’s Application - v. 12-18
As we leave on mission...

What must I do in response?

How does this truth apply to my life?

As the church?
In my community?
What steps do I need to take to apply this?
(Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-based Goals)
To whom will I be accountable?
(reach out and ask… follow up)
The Christian life is designed to be transferred relationally and journeyed together. You need to “rope in”– brother to brother and sister to sister – on a weekly basis so that together we can draw near to God and join him in his kingdom work.

This is an exploration – commit and prepare for a long and rewarding journey.
To continue the conversation, email Pastor Brad at

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Breakout Sessions at 11:00 AM

Join us after the Main Session:

• Book of Genesis with Paul Eslinger - An interactive bible study for adults
- Meets in Room 303
Loving God with Your Mind with Pastor Isaac - Open to youth and adults
- Meets in the Youth Room (Room 201)
• Discussion & Application with Pastor Brad - Join this Q/R discussion about this week's message. Youth & Adults welcome
- Meets in the MPR

We also have Breakout Sessions for kids, from nursery age up through 6th grade

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