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9/12/21 - Rock Solid Truths
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  • Dewey Community Church
    16 3rd St, Dewey, IL 61840, USA
    Sunday 11:15 AM
Sunday, September 12, 2021

Welcome to all who are worshipping with us at the Dewey Community church this morning. May we all be grateful to God for the reminder that, for his children, worship is essential and not non-essential.

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Rock Solid Truths
1 Peter 1:3-12

When ‘stormy weather’ robs us of peace, we need to hang on to Rock Solid Truths so that we will stand firm in our faith. In 1 Peter 1:3-9, Peter reminds us of 3 truths to hold on to and to be encouraged by when storm winds blow.
I. Rock Solid Truth #1 – As Christians, we have something Permanent: our Inheritance.
II. Rock Solid Truth #2 – As Christians, we have someone Powerful: our Guardian.
III. Rock Solid Truth #3 – As Christians, we have something Profitable: our Trials.
IV. Rock Solid Truth #4 – As Christians, we have something Praiseworthy: our Faith.
Conclusion: When I fear my faith will fail, Christ will hold me fast; When the tempter would prevail, He will hold me fast; I could never keep my hold through life’s fearful path; for my love is often cold, He must hold me fast. (Ada Habershon)
Childcare Today (9/12)
Sunday School Nursery — Linda A. and Marilyn L.
Worship Service Nursery — Rose B. and Laura H.
Children’s Church — Dennis and Debbie B.

Childcare Next Week (9/19)
Sunday School Nursery — Jamie B. and Emily H.
Worship Service Nursery — Erin H. and Morgan B.
Children’s Church — Ben H. and David H.
Remember to Pray…for Sarah Andres who is currently on a ventilator due to Covid 19…for Marilyn F. and her family as they grieve Leon’s passing…for Marcia F. as she continues receiving treatments for cancer…for our fellow Christians who are living out their faith in Christ in Afghanistan and in other countries which are hostile to Christ…for the DCC Bible Quiz Team as they study the book of Hebrews…for our missionaries serving overseas.
SUN, SEPT 12 @ 12:00 PM // Bible Quiz Team Lunch and Practice
SUN, SEPT 12 @ 6:00 PM // Senior High Dew Crew
WED, SEPT 15 @ 6:30 - 7:45 PM // "Connections"
Take the opportunity midweek to “connect” with God and others. Opportunities include Kids’ Connection (K-grade 5); Jr. High Dew Crew (grades 6-8); and the adult study and prayer time. Those participating in the adult study should read Chapter 2 of ‘Gentle and Lowly’ by Dane Ortlund. (Free copies are available on the table by the Nursery.)
FRI, SEPT 17 @ 6:30 PM // Basketball!
Everyone age 15 or older is welcome to come to DCC and “Get their game on!”
SUN, SEPT 19 @ 10:35 AM // Worship Service
In the Worship service, Pastor Neal will continue the series of messages from 1 Peter titled, “Rock Solid” with a look at 1 Peter 1:13-25.
SUN, SEPT 19 @ 611:45 AM // Fall Business Meeting
Following the Worship service, the DCC Fall Business Meeting will be held in the sanctuary. The agenda will include 1) the reading of minutes from the March 2021 meeting; 2) acceptance of the 2020-2021 Treasurer’s Report; 3) action on the 2021-2022 DCC Budget; 4) a brief explanation of plans for the expansion of sanctuary seating.
THU, SEPT 23 @ 7:00 PM // Dewey Ladies' Book Club
The Dewey Ladies' Book Club will meet at Rhonda Hauser’s home. The group will discuss, Half Broke Horses by Jeanette Walls. Bring snacks to share following the discussion. All women of the church and community are welcome to participate.
Our Daily Bread: Copies of the new quarter’s devotional are available on the table in both entryways. Pick up a copy and dive into God’s Word each day!
“Gentle and Lowly:” This book, by Dane Ortlund, is available free of charge to the DCC family through the generosity of the publisher, Crossway books. In explaining his purpose for the book, Ortlund writes, “We are not focusing centrally on what Christ has done. We are considering who he is. The gospel offers us not only legal exoneration—invisibly precious truth!—it also sweeps us into Christ’s very heart.” The adult Bible Study and Prayer gathering will be using this book in the coming year to increase our understanding of Jesus’ heart as a means of fueling our own heartfelt praise and worship. Pick up your copy today!

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