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Be Happy (pt. 8)
This six-week series explores the promises of God through his covenants. By understanding the Noahic, Abrahamic, Mosaic, and Davidic covenants, we can more fully understand the God who has given us a new covenant and promises in Jesus.
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    Sunday 10:00 AM

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Well, let’s get caught up really quick! We are in a study of Philippians and we have entitled that study Be Happy (Chose Joy)

I truly hope you have been reading all of Philippians each week! It will help bring all that we have learned come to light and God will continue to pour out fresh revelation as you read it each time!

As we have looked at Paul’s letter to Philippi, we see him encouraging the church. Again, it’s not that the church was in dire straights, he was simply saying… keep these things in check and you will avoid some serious pitfalls!

1) He has told them that God’s grace should fill our hearts with Joy.
2) He encouraged them to keep from complaining through their circumstances, but instead rejoice that God can use them to share the light of Christ! (let’s be real, our emotions can get the best of us…)
3) That’s why He also pointed out that maturity means being able to live with all kinds of emotions and still focus on Jesus.
4) As the letter continues, we see that Joy is maximized when we love one another well, and Jesus modeled humility as the way to do so. In that, following the example of Jesus, we should pour ourselves out for others.
5) In doing that, you know what we do? We live the kind of life that makes others want to follow Jesus by living out that light daily ourselves!
6) One thing to keep in check though is that we are not a one man band! Sharing the story of Jesus requires selflessness, sacrifice and teamwork. Everyone plays a crucial role!
7) And recognizing that helps us remember we can’t earn our salvation. It is in Jesus alone. It’s not how amazing we are as a team member/team leader, but rather grasping on to the fact that Ultimate Joy is found in “Jesus Only.”

All of that understanding puts us here… in the 2nd half our Ch. 3 in our modern day bibles!
Big Idea: Paul made his go to glorify God in all things, and he said he hadn't even accomplished it yet.
What you have done is not who you are!
The last thing the church needs are more things to be less unified over.
I truly hate to say it, but we deal with much the same today!

Church is only beneficial when there is something physical to be gained. The moment one sees that transformation isn’t as tangible as desired as quickly as desired, many step away.

-We want overnight results!
-We want our tithe to go in on Sunday and an exponential financial blessing on Monday!
-We want to pray over a situation and the answer to be NOW!

And when it’s not… when we see that Jesus’ death on the cross wasn’t simply for instant gain about this life here on earth, many look at the cross as foolishness.

But that’s a lie from the devil! He would have you believe that the one thing that gives you power over him is useless!

When Paul addresses the Church in Corinth, he actually addresses power of the Cross in 1 Cor 1:18
We see it as a symbol of God’s grace, but the 1st century church sees it as tool of shame!
Big Idea: Paul made his goal to glorify God in all things, and he said he hadn't even accomplished it yet.

Application Point: Keeping a heavenly perspective will help us keep this same goal as our pursuit.
Here is the part where we have a choice to come to grips with what Paul is saying. Paul made it his goal to glorify God recognizing that he will most likely not see his desires this side of eternity, but he is going to run the race.

Why? Because the message of the Cross is the power of God!

At the heart of sinfulness is an unwillingness to admit that “I am a sinner.”