Atlantic EFC
September 5 2021 Sermon Notes
The book of Proverbs makes it clear that God cares about how we work. Whether it’s a warning to slackers (18:9), a promise of reward (22:29), or advice on ordering priorities (24:27), the Lord takes a personal interest in how we do what we do in the workplace. In this Labor Day weekend sermon, we focus on two ways the Lord wants us to approach the work that we do.
Locations & Times
  • GracePoint Church
    1 E 22nd St, Atlantic, IA 50022, United States
    Sunday 10:00 AM
Sermon Outline & Notes

We should work the way God wants us to work.

1. The Lord wants us to work Diligently.
a. Diligent Work avoids Trouble.
b. Diligent Work receives Reward.

2. The Lord wants us to work Sensibly.
a. Sensible Work sets the Right Priorities.
b. Sensible Work keeps the Right Perspective.

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