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The Moses Legacy: Exodus - "Who is Moses?"
Senior Pastor Jon Saur
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    4832 Cochran St, Simi Valley, CA 93063, USA
    Saturday 5:00 PM, Saturday 6:00 PM

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The Moses Legacy: Exodus

In this sermon series, we will be looking at six key events in the life of Moses. Moses is one of the central characters in scripture to whom Jesus is regularly compared. By looking closely at how God interacted with Moses, we can get a better sense of how God interacts with us and how the New Testament writers responded to God's work through Moses.

The Text In Context

"The interesting thing about this incident in Exodus 2 is that Christians today think of this chapter largely in terms of that little papyrus 'ark', while the New Testament writers almost completely pass over this aspect of the event to focus on other matters, which we must conclude are more important." To read more, click this link.
Sermon Outline

Here is a brief Outline of the sermon to help you follow along.

I. Who is Moses in the Bible?
A. Four entire books devoted to Moses.
B. The rest of the Bible is responding to Moses.
C. Moses let's the people know of God's Law.
D. Moses is a friend to God.

II. Who is Moses in Exodus 2?
A. Born to Hebrew woman.
B. Raised in Egyptian family.
C. Commits murder.
D. Rejected by both Egypt and Israel.
E. Flees to Midian.
F. Doesn't know the end to his own story.

III. Who am I?
A. Question Moses may be asking.
B. Question we ask ourselves numerous times.
C. Multiple ways of answering the question.

IV. Reformed Doctrine of Vocation
A. God's call on our lives.
1. Adam and Eve called to "rule" over the world.
2. Not to selfishly exploit it, but to help it flourish.
3. The fall ruined human ability to fulfill that calling.
4. Jesus restored that calling.
5. We are called to serve Jesus and serve the church now.
B. Vocation
1. God gives each of us certain gifts and passions.
2. God calls us to use those gifts in a certain way and a certain time.
3. The church and world needs all people using their variety of gifts.

V. Moses
A. Called to lead Israel. But, before that, was called to be a shepherd.
B. God used Moses' skills and character in unique way.
C. God used Aaron's skills to supplement Moses' skills.

VI. Who is Moses?
A. A child of God whom God loves.
B. A child of God through whom God worked.
C. A child of God who followed God's call on his life.

VII. Who are we?
A. Children of God whom God loves.
B. Children of God whom God wants to work through.

Who is Moses?

Here is a brief article going over the quick facts of Moses' story.

Essay on Vocation

Here is an essay that presents the Reformed doctrine of Vocation.

Theology of Work

This article addresses the theology of work from a slightly different angle than the previous article.

1. What do you already know about Moses? How have you thought of Moses in the past?

2. At this point in Moses' story, what do you think he was feeling and thinking?

3. Do you believe that Moses' was fulfilling God's call on his life at this point in the story? Why or why not?

4. How do you believe God's call is being played out in your life?

5. What's your understanding of "vocation?"
- Make a list of things you are interested in, passionate about, or good at.
- Ask friends, family and loved ones what they think your gifts are.
- See if there are any opportunities for you to share those gifts in the church, in your community, in your school or workplace.

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