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8.29.2021 | Revelation - Week 3 - To The Church In Ephesus
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August 29, 2021

Welcome to Dover Assembly!
We are so glad you have chosen to attend Dover Assembly this morning. It is not by accident that you are here. We believe that God has allowed you to be here so that you might receive all that He has for you. We pray you are blessed as you allow the Lord to work in your life.


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Men's Dinner
The guys will be going to a new location this time. We’ll meet at Genova’s Italian restaurant on W. Market St at 6:30 on Thursday, Sept 2. Be sure to mark your calendars and join us for some great Italian food! Sign up in the lower foyer!

Prayer Warriors!
Prayer nights continue on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 6:30 pm. Join us as we seek the Lord for Dover Assembly and our own lives!

Ministry Staff Meeting
Thank you to everyone has volunteered to be a part of the ministries at Dover Assembly. Because of your availability, we have been able to not only staff all the ministries, but we have been able to have rotating schedules to allow time to be in the service in addition to those ministries.

Youth Convention
We want to let you know of our upcoming Youth Retreat which will be held Oct 15-17 at the Kalahari Resort in the Poconos. The PennDel district has made some changes to the location and times partially due to the Covid restrictions of the past year as well as wanting to change the location and dates to possibly make it available to more students (we’ve been meeting over Easter weekend and using the Giant Center for many years). Youth parents will be receiving a letter with the details and cost information. We are planning 2 Hot Dog Grab ‘n Go’s to help the teens raise money for this trip. The first one will be TODAY! and the 2nd one will be Sept 12.

Ladies, please mark your calendars for the upcoming events!

Fri., Sept. 10, 6:30 - 8:30 pm ~ "Encounter" is a night of praise, worship and refreshing as Judy shares with about 'encountering' Jesus! Refreshments will be served. Sign-up sheet is in the upper foyer. Hope to see you there!

Starting Mon., Sept. 13, 6:30 - 7:30 pm, Women's Ministries' (WOP) will resume our Monday evening Bible Study beginning on Monday, September 13, 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm in the R.O.C.K. room. All ladies are welcome! Bring a friend! This fall’s Bible Study is entitled 'A Life of Excellence,' the Book of James. Who better to tell us about the life of Jesus other than his very own flesh and blood brother!

'The Word of God Implanted in Your Heart Has the Power to Save Your Soul!' James 1:21

There is no other book like the book of James in the entire Bible. Written by Jesus' brother, James, there is no other book so close to the heart of Jesus' teaching in the Sermon on the Mount. From James' first-hand experience in observing the life of Jesus, James gives us a look at what the nature of God is really like ~ the very same nature that we have inherited from Jesus when we were born again!

Sign-up sheet is in the upper foyer on the women's table. Please plan to join us! Cost of the Bible Study book is $20 (it is the book and study guide combined). Please see Anna if a scholarship is needed. We want all ladies to be able to attend without concern of the cost of the book.

Fri., Oct. 8, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. ~ Jewelry Exchange ` do you have some jewelry lying around that you no longer wear? Would you like to exchange that jewelry for some other unused jewelry? Then this night is for you! Join us for refreshments and exchanging of jewelry!

Fri., & Sat., Nov. 12, 13 (or Friday only or Saturday only) ~ District Women of Purpose (WOP) Annual Conference. For any ladies wanting to attend only Friday or Saturday and driving on their own, please see Anna ASAP so we can order you a wristband before the conference fills up. For those ladies already signed up, more information will be provided regarding departure time, etc.

Fri., Dec. 10, 6:00 pm (note time is half hour earlier than the other events) ~ Annual WOP Christmas Dinner will be held at the church. Please join us for Fun! Laughter! Worship! Jesus! Stocking Gift Exchange! More details will be provided.


To Kathy Jo Gilbert on the birth of her 3rd grandchild! Lola Georgianna Glatfelter was born Aug 8 at 3:45 pm weighing in at 7lbs, 4 oz and 20” long! Praise the Lord!

Continue to pray for those of our church family who are no longer able to join us for worship.
~ Leon C.
~ Beulah S.
~ Rose K.
~ Cindy D. (Angel’s mom)
~ Betty N.
~ Marian T.
~ Olga K.

Sept 5 ~ Shirley Myers
Sept 19 ~ Cindy Nunez
Sept 28 ~ Chris Jones
Sept 8 ~ Gary & Connie Landis
Sept 17 ~ Bobbi Jo & Todd Blanchard

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August 29, 2021 - Week 3 - Rev. Jeff Bender

Last week, we completed chapter 1 in our study in this very difficult and challenging book.

That chapter introduced us to the writer, John his situation at the time, the recipients (these next 7 churches) and the author, Jesus Christ.

Christ now tells John to take some dictation and send it to these churches.
There are 2 schools of thought on these churches.

1) Each church represents a church in history.
- a. Ephesus would be the church of the apostles
- b. Smyrna would be the persecuted church of early centuries up to the last church
- c. Laodicea, which represents the apostate church of the last days.

I believe the bible teaches that even though that might be representative of that time line of church history, each of these 7 churches represents 7 styles of churches that have always existed.

There has always been a church like Ephesus, there’s always been a church like Smyrna, and so on.

If Smyrna only represented the persecuted church of early centuries, how does that interpretation account for the persecuted church of today?

I believe this is the correct teaching. We all know churches that fall into each of these categories.

If this is true, then each of these letters could apply to each of us at any point in our lives.
As I have mentioned before, once chapter 3 is done, we believe that as Christians we will no longer be on this earth. The rapture happens before the events in chapter 4 begin.

As I read these letters, I always tend to see areas in my own life that these letters can possibly address. You read them and say, "That could be me!"?

While these letters were written to a group of people in a setting, each of these could and do apply to individuals as well, amen?

In other words, maybe our church is in revival, but individually, I am backslidden, the letter to Laodicea while not applying to our church, could apply to me personally.

So when we read these letters, we need to ask ourselves, could these letters be written to me?

One thing about reading Revelation, as you read the horrible things that will come upon the earth, during the Tribulation, you really begin to increase your desire to get as many people saved as possible, because, if you think about it, I wouldn't want anyone to go through that.
You can’t tell the quality or truthfulness of what is being taught by how the church looks, only upon close inspection can you know.

When people ask me how to find a good church. I tell them to meet with the pastor and ask 2 questions.

1) Do you believe the bible is the inerrant word of God?
2) Do you believe Jesus is the only way to heaven?

How he answers those questions is the first step.

This is what these letters to the churches are -- a close inspection by the Lord to make sure they are doing what God designed them to do.

I want to talk today about the first letter to one church.
Most scholars believe that the seven stars are the leaders of each of the churches he is writing to. There are seven churches, seven letters and the leaders of these churches are the seven stars.

This church had some great leaders. Paul, Timothy, and John himself. It’s like if Billy Graham started a church, Franklin Graham then came as pastor, then Charles Stanley, or Max Lucado.

It was a church pastored by some very notable people, but here Jesus is telling them that regardless of who is pastoring, He is in control.

The lampstands are simply the Lord's presence in their church.

No pastor should ever say that is their church, it’s the Lord’s church that I am serving in. We should worship the Lord, not the leaders, no matter how gifted they might be.

It’s the Lord’s church and we do what He tells us to do.
He goes on to first commend their good work. In each letter where there is good deeds to notice, Jesus will always start with what they are doing right before he goes on to show them where they need correction.

In every leadership book I've ever read, the one thing they emphasize is that as bosses or leaders you always encourage a worker before you attempt to correct them.

The Lord wants this church to not feel defeated. If he would have only concentrate on their sin and their mistakes but never encouraged them in what they do right, they would feel dejected.

God's purpose in correction is always remedial, in other words he corrects us to bring us closer to him, not just to punish us.

Like when we correct our kids, it is to let them know to do right. It gives us no pleasure, but we want them to learn right from wrong.

It gives God no pleasure to correct us but he does it for our good.
All of these are admirable traits to have.

~ Good deeds
~ Hard work
~ Perseverance
~ Not tolerating wicked men (these weren’t outsiders, but people in the church trying to wreck it)
~ Tested those who try to teach us (we always need to be careful as to who and what is taught in every class)
~ Spotted false teachers (even false teachers can produce miracles, we need to test every spirit)
~ Endured hardship (they suffered for the cause of Christ)
~ Not grown weary.

Wouldn’t we all like to say that we have done all these things? Wouldn’t we like Jesus to say this to us when we see him?

These were all commendable things that the Lord asks us to do.

Jesus rightly tells them Good job! Well done! Way to be!

You would think, what else is there?

What else can I do for the Lord? What more does he want?

As we will see this church, in their Zeal for the Lord, gets into the habit of doing, instead of being!
What is their first love?

The Greek that is used here is willful abandonment, or a deliberate giving up which could include a result of long neglect!

These folks were giving the Lord their service, but not themselves.

The word "love" is agape. They had long been a church that responded to God's love for them by pouring out their hearts in fervent love and praise to God. Now they were satisfied with just having the right doctrine and fulfilling their duty to God. Their actions while right were not rightly motivated.

They were very busy doing for the Lord, but they lacked the agape love they had when they first were saved.

You do it out of habit and not love.
How many have experienced that in your own lives? You can look back and know that the love and excitement you had when you were first saved, is not as hot as it used to be?

We kind of settle down to our everyday Christian lives and do what we know is right, but we've lost the excitement and newness that we had at first.

Where it was that we couldn't wait to get to church to see what God would do and to receive from God, now we go because it is something we do on Sundays.

We are to keep that “honeymoon love or attitude and feeling”.

If our married life is just doing things because you’ve always done them but have no love in doing them, then a marriage is in trouble.

So it is as a believer.

There are churches that do everything right but do not have the love of Christ indwelling them.

Their relationship with the Lord is also in trouble.
He wanted them to think back to their younger years.

Sometime we need to just stop and remember how it used to be in our own lives. We are the only ones who can truly examine ourselves and be brutally honest with ourselves.

How did we live and act right after getting saved?

Now compare it to how we live and act now!
Once we realize what the difference is in our lives, Jesus says repent (change yourselves, turn in the other direction) and do what you did at first.

He is telling them you need to consciously make the choice and physically or mentally make yourselves do what you used to do.

If you personal time with God is waning, or you just don't worship him like you used to, (I don't mean only here at church during the music), but during the day and in your devotional life, Jesus is saying that you need to do it.
Remember the lampstand is God's presence in our personal lives as well as our church life.

That is harsh language. Even though you do all these great things in my name, if you don't return to the way you used to love me and appreciate me and worship me from your heart, I will no longer be in your presence. Or in your life

Why? Because His presence will have no meaning. We can run the programs without God's presence!

I asked this question before: If the Holy Spirit left our church, would we notice?

The question is do we want to run the programs and the church without the Holy Spirit?
They could have got the land and God’s inheritance without God going with them.

We can succeed in doing things without God. But do we want to?
As Christians, especially Pentecostal Christians, we need to be distinguished from everybody else.

What makes our programs and church services different than any other? We better have the love of God. The excitement of being newly saved and the Holy Spirit guiding everything we do -- as individuals as well as a church.

How many know or came from a dead church. A church that you know has no idea what the presence of God is like or even something that they want?

Do you think that it started that way? NO way! It's just over the years, the programs and works and deeds took the place of the people's love or need for God. Finally His presence left and no one ever knew.

Remember Ezekiel? The presence of God left the temple and no one ever knew.
This is great truth here.

God is more interested in you personally than what you do for Him. Not that our deeds are not important, but Jesus is saying that all the works we do for Him are not as important to him as our true love and devotion.

Because out of that true love and devotion will come the deeds prompted by love not duty.

Maybe this is a something that we all have been in the back of our minds thinking about.
There are various guesses about what the Nicolaitans are or who they are, but as I tried to research this, the most common thing I found was that these were the religious liberals of that day. The ones like today who are liberal on their social agenda.

We have them today. Pastors and so-called Christians who say favor abortion, or gay marriages or other such things.

I believe that God, while commending them for hating this practice (not the people) was reminding them to not allow the love of God to be abused and expressed in a way that God never intended.

The deeds you are doing are great, don't stop doing them, but you do need to let the love you once had come more to the forefront and be the controlling factor in what you do.

Jesus commended them for HATING the deeds of the Nicolaitans AS HE ALSO DOES!

We know that God hates the sin but loves the sinner. He didn't say, I don't like it, or it displeases me! He said hate!

It literally means a rightful aversion of what is evil.

Sometimes we don't hate the sin enough. Do we hate it when WE sin? Do I hate it when I sin? When I sin against God do I absolutely despise it?

So does God.

Sure God knows my heart, but he HATES your action. God knows you are not perfect, but he HATES what you are doing.

But God is so good to us. Jesus ends this letter with encouragement and a challenge to the church.
He ends each letter with this same exhortation "if you have an ear, listen up"

We also know from James, that true hearing is hearing that is followed up by doing. If we hear something but fail to do it, we didn't really hear it.

Even in the worst settings like Laodicea, where he was going to spit them out of his mouth, he still gives them a chance to change.

Even though this is addressed to the church, churches are made up of people (individuals), so He in effect is saying that individuals need to listen to this.

Even if the leaders don’t teach it, does not give you the excuse not to.

God is always willing for all of us to change. He wants none of us to fail. He wants all of us to succeed in this life.

He gives us so many chances. If we hear and obey we will be over-comers.
The word for over-comers literally means "a victorious conqueror who keeps on conquering."

He is a triumphant believer who keeps on winning victories over the world and its wrong desires.

How do we win these?

If we are able to act consistently as we did when we first got saved.

If we are able to love and appreciate the Lord with all our hearts and do the work of the Lord.

If we are able to have a right attitude toward sin.

But is also says “to him who overcomes” not “those who don’t overcome”.
The over-comers have the right to eat from the tree of life, not those who don’t overcome.

We are either over-comers or we will be overcome by the world.
If you feel you are being overcome by the things in the world, today is the day to turn back.

If you are doing things out of habit and not devotion and love for Christ,

If you no longer have the first love and excitement as when you got saved.

Then today is the day we can change that.
We want to keep the right to eat from that tree!

Thank you for joining us!

If you haven't already, be sure to check out our website and follow us on social media @doverassembly! Have a great week!


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