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Bible Verses To Encourage You
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Scriptures on Patience

No matter your age, patience is a difficult skill to learn. It can be difficult to learn patience with your toddler. Or to calm your anxiety while waiting for a job opening to come up. Or to be patient with an elderly family member. For those of the Christian faith, you can find many scriptures on patience that help you calm your mind.

Bible Verses on Encouragement

Anxiety and despair have been part of human life for centuries. But we all can find wisdom, strength, and guidance in these Bible verses on encouragement. There is always a way to look at God’s promises, no matter what the situation may be – whether it’s job loss, relationship conflict or pandemic, or any other circumstance. God wants us to have joy and peace each day.

Scriptures on Peace

Many people will admit to longing for peace in the midst of chaos, including the constant phone calls, emails and notifications from Zoom meetings and rowdy kids at home. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the noise and try to keep up with our thoughts. However, there is some relief in the form of scripture.

Scriptures on Thanksgiving

While being surrounded by family and friends can add so much joy to Thanksgiving celebrations, a quiet moment with scripture can remind you of your calling to be a blessing to others. There are many verses in the Bible that encourage gratitude. These Thanksgiving quotes are great for sharing around the table, or reading aloud at the fireplace with blankets and cocktails. These are our top Bible verses and scriptures on Thanksgiving, which are perfect for this day.

Scriptures on Worry

All of us worry. We worry about our job security, our children’s futures, our health, and our ability to pay our mortgage and car payments. Experts have many possible solutions. There are many options. Meditation, yoga and psychotherapy all have their place. Americans are increasingly accepting them as a way to cope. People of faith also use these approaches, but they also have a vital support source: the Holy Scriptures.

Scriptures for Hope

No matter how big your life is, there’s always hope. Life changes, family difficulties, or personal health concerns can all impact your life. An optimistic outlook can help you see difficult challenges as opportunities. Possibility to be grateful try to find the positive in your low mood. There are silver linings to your hardships.

Scriptures for Comfort

Take a moment to rest as you listen to these words of comfort from the Lord. These great Scriptures for comfort can be referred to as meditations throughout the day. Keep holding onto God’s promises as you seek His comfort and peace today.

Scriptures About Forgiveness

All of us have been in situations where we’ve done wrong. We all want forgiveness from a spouse or a friend. Sometimes, the only person we need to forgive is ourselves. There are times when we need to forgive someone. In these cases, it is important to examine our own hearts and offer forgiveness. It can be difficult! It doesn’t matter if you are asking for forgiveness or giving it, it is a powerful thing.

Scriptures About Friendship

Friendship is one of the essential things in life. Gifts are a way to make a difference in your life. Friends are trusted friends who know us well. Love us no matter what, for who we are. Friendship can also include it can be complicated to maintain relationships. Friends are happy and healthy. But our friends are the ones who make us feel good. We are there for you in tough times – the people who often come to you with your needs compassion. They have the right words, whether it’s Bible verses about peace or scriptures about hope.

Scriptures for Healing

We all have experienced sicknesses that affect every aspect of our lives. We Christians can have hope because God is our Great Healer. Our faith is what allows divine healing to manifest in our bodies and become a living testimony.

Bible Verses About Strength and Healing

These scriptures from the Bible can inspire you that you can embrace healing even when it is difficult or in tough times. However, it is important that you remember that healing can occur regardless of whether or not you are religious. It is a painful, ongoing and circular process. If you aren’t feeling well, you can jumpstart that process right away, and there will always be tomorrow. If you started the process and feel like you’ve made two big steps back, it’s alright to accept that. Every day is new and there is no set date. It takes time to heal. Take your time, and don’t forget to keep your eyes open. Whatever you are going through or feeling, there is hope.

Bible Verses on Trusting God

Why is trusting God so important in our lives Trusting God is a key theme in scripture. This is especially true when things get difficult. Unexpected hardships will happen in our lives. However, it is vital for our spiritual health to continue to trust God as the Bible advises. Trusting God can save you from making an unwise decision in anger or sadness that could lead to a life-threatening situation. These verses from the Bible are about trusting God. May they be a source of inspiration for you when you most need it.

Bible Verses on Being Thankful

It’s been a difficult year, to put it mildly. So it’s good to remember that God loves us, walks alongside us, hears and saves us. The Bible is an important reminder and comfort for us in difficult times. It can help us through these hard times with encouraging Bible verses on peace and comfort with Bible verses on strength.

Bible Verses on Protection

It doesn’t matter if we’re under God’s protection, but that doesn’t mean it stops the storms. It is all around us. It does however provide tremendous strength and protection for every battle that we face in our lives. Storms are not always predictable and never have full reign, because He reminds us that right in His midst that: You are protected by a Mighty God. You might feel wind or hear it but His covering and protection, you don’t have to face it alone.

Scriptures on the Love of God

Even if your entire life has been spent running from God, or doing things that you regret, God still loves you and wants to be in a relationship.