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This is a series about Jesus and his interactions with his first followers. It allows us to see Jesus as we’ve never seen him. It’s also a series about people who are far from God and they experience Jesus and suddenly God shows up. You’ll meet many of them as you watch the episodes. Matthew the tax collector. Nicodemus, the strict Pharisee and religious person. Andrew and his outspoken brother Peter who are fishermen. And they all come to a place of conviction and confidence in a Savior. The Gospel is not so much an argument to assent to (though there are many arguments one can make for the Gospel); but more than this, the Gospel is a person that you place your confidence in. So, welcome to "The Chosen". And welcome to Stones Hill Community Church and Online Notes!
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The Chosen - Episode 5
The Gospel is not so much an argument to assent to (though there are many arguments one can make for the Gospel); but more than this, the Gospel is a person that you place your confidence in.

Episode 5
Episode 5 of the Chosen. Thomas is there helping provide the wine and food for the wedding of a couple in Cana of Galilee. Instead of 40 in attendance, Jesus and his entourage and some other friends have come and the wedding reception has swollen to upwards of 80 thirsty people. Thomas instructs the servants as a wedding song wafts in from the courtyard, where guests sing and dance. “When the song is over,” Thomas says, “bring out the olives and the cheeses, and set them on the long table between the loaves of bread and cucumbers.” He says to the servers: “Lighten your pours… Three quarters full. If they ask for more, tell them you’ll be right back. But guess what? You won’t be… Go!”
Weddings for us today; you come in, you do a twenty-five minute ceremony, you have a one-hour reception, with some wedding cake in the church basement, and that’s it. As far as first century Jewish weddings go… Wedding feasts were big things! It was the biggest day in the life of a person in this part of the world in this time, and it was not just a sedate little party. It was a regional festival. It was sort of like a honeymoon / family reunion / bridal shower / bachelor party all rolled into one. It was quite a festivity and was the best week of the couples life. These were typically 7-day celebrations, with people coming and going at random times. The couple was married on day one and ratified the marriage. The other six days were for celebrating. You would need a lot of food and wine. And as far as weddings go, picture clay platters of food and jugs of wine. Picture dancing and high joy. And no matter when you showed up, you were always guaranteed something really good to drink!
The groom, back in those days-- the groom-- was the one who footed the bill. And the groom's family footed the bill, not the bride's family that has now been traditional in our culture. So he's responsible for all the fixings, all the meal, all the expense.
Mary, Jesus’ mother, finds out about the wine shortage and she hurts for the Bride and Groom and their families because of the embarrassing situation this places them in. Mary went to Jesus “We can’t let the celebration end like this…”
Mary, was there. Joseph, her husband, is not mentioned. Joseph had died by this time. Now, we know, in three years when Jesus is on the cross, Mary is placed into the care of John the Apostle by Jesus because Joseph isn't around to take care of her. So most scholars assume that, probably by this time already, Joseph has passed away. Jesus is there. She would be dependent upon Jesus, the eldest son-- the responsibility to take care of her.
So, with no Joseph in the picture, Mary turns to her oldest miracle son with a request. Jesus pulls Mary away from the others and says “My time has not yet come.” Mary cover’s Jesus’ hand with her own and holds his gaze, “If not now, when?”
Jesus softens and sighs, allowing a hint of a smile. Mary grins and pulls away. She’s seen that look a hundred times before. She tells Thomas and his friend, “Do whatever he tells you.”
Jesus has them to fill the water jars and dismisses everyone from the room. He leans over the mouth of one of the vessels, his candlelit reflection gazing back from the water. He looks up… A great weight crashes over Jesus as he realizes the step he’s about to take. This public act will begin a new existence for him… His role, his calling, his destiny will become known to all. No turning back. Jesus closes his eyes, lowers his head, and sighs, “I’m ready Father.”
Two General Applications from John 2:10
“Everyone brings out the choice wine first and then the cheaper wine after the guests have had too much to drink; but you have saved the best till now.

...the cheaper wine… What are you sipping on? have saved the best till now... Would you like for the next half of your life to go differently than the first half? It can - through Christ.

A Special Application: Moms and Their Sons
Based on subtle nuances in this passage, Mary had some hidden motives that Jesus knows about and deals with while at the same time, actually addressing the need.

Sue Bohlin of Probe Ministries helps us here. Here’s the wisdom she’s learned about being a mom to a son.
• Push your son towards his father and encourage their relationship.
• Affirm your son’s masculinity. It’s great that you’re a man.
• Allow for emotional distance and independence. Don’t try to keep him bound to you like a baby as he gets older.
• Refuse to diminish the glory of the father / son relationship; don’t get in the middle of it.
• Nurture and comfort with empathy, but allow your husband to nurture differently (aggression nurturing), such as “Hop up, you’re OK.” Boys need to learn to develop a thicker skin from their dads.
• Don’t insist that he look you in the eyes when you’re having a difficult conversation (except when it’s time to apologize). It’s especially threatening and painful for most boys. Take a walk or drive with him where you are shoulder to shoulder, or talk to him in dim lighting (such as bedtime), to encourage him to open up to you.
Rhonda Stoppe shares that there are some possible negative consequences that could result from coercing or plotting for a son’s success.

1. He will realize that you are attempting to gain recognition for yourself through his accomplishments and will rebel. “Why do you involve me?” “Eh, because I want to prove to everybody how wrong they’ve been about me.”
2. He will find himself pushed into a position he is not ready to take on. “It’s not my hour.” Jesus knew how to handle his mother; most sons don’t.
3. He will become prideful, arrogant, and self-exalting. Again, Jesus guards against this by remaining behind the scenes at the wedding.
4. He will become a momma’s boy who can’t pursue accomplishments on his own. Was Jesus a momma’s boy? Did he say on track with his mission?
5. He will feel he is entitled to special treatment. Jesus refused that mindset. That’s what the hour was about – the time when I’m treated the opposite of how I should be.
6. He will be resented by his peers and siblings. When people see a mom trying to get her son the starting spot or the best job or the limelight, they resent it. And Jesus’ siblings resented him.

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