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Sunday Morning Service
Sunday Morning Service
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II Kings 13:14-19
Going Through The Motions

1. From chapter 9 to 13:14 nearly 50 years have passed. Elisha is 80-100 years of age. We know none of the details. Elisha stayed close to the forefront of the kings of Israel. Every king in the northern kingdom was evil. There was no repentance. There was no turning to God. We are called to be faithful. We cannot be responsible for man’s response.
2. Spiritually, are you going through the motions?
3. II Kings 13:14-19 Joash was an evil king who had respect for Elisha, but not for Elisha’s God (13:11). Joash was just going through the motions.

Are you merely going through the motions?
Elisha is dying. Israel has been repeatedly defeated by Syria (13:7 under Joash’s
father nearly all of Israel’s defense was gone). It was desperate times. It was dark
times. Now Elisha was fallen sick with his sickness of which he died. This was the
man of God. This was the voice of God, the only hope for the nation of Israel. We
never know what we have until it’s gone. This was Israel’s ‘rabbit’s foot’.
A. Our Perception When we go through the motions, we get our eyes on man and not on God.
B.Our Performance When we go through the motions, we become religious. Came down unto him. We go to the right places. We get with the right people, but there is no reality.
C.Our Profession He wept over his face. When we go through the motions, we may have our emotions stirred, but our heart isn’t touched.
D.Our Proclamation 14a O Father, my father the chariot of Israel and its horsemen. When we go through the motions, we may say the right things.
1. Perhaps he had been around Elisha while growing up.
2.Father was a Biblical term of respect for one’s master, teacher in spiritual matters.
3.Chariots of Israel and its horsemen The same words were said to Elijah. It is a military phrase and description. It describes the protection and security of a nation. Elisha was the real protection and real security of Israel.
4.All of Israel’s armies could not match Elisha’s value.
5.At times of desperation and darkness it’s easy to say the right things as we recognize our weakness, our inadequacy and our need.

Are you merely going through the motions?
II. THE ACTIONS 13:15-17
A.Our Reminder 15, 16
We can’t live in our own strength.
1.When Elisha puts his hand on Joash’s hand, it was symbolic and an important reminder that it was God who would give the victory.
2.Victory is always a result of God’s power. When we go through the motions we live in our own strength.
B.Our Reward 17
It’s God who gives us anything.
1.Israel would gain a victory over Syria.
2.Joash will have a victory over Syria at Aphek.
3.When victory comes just say, “Thanks”. When we go through the motions, we think we did it and fail to say, “Thanks”.
C.Our Ruin
When we go through the motions, we follow a formula…we have a formula, but little faith. He said, “Take”…He took. He said, “Put”…He put. 15 He said, “Open”…He opened. He said, “Shoot”…He shot 16
1.We have a formula, but we miss the power behind the formula.
2.Christianity is not a series of formulas. It is a personal relationship with the living God.
3.I may be doing everything just right, but be all wrong because I miss the Person, the Presence, the Power of the living God.

Are you merely going through the motions?
A. Our Challenge 18
1.Once again the bow and remaining arrows. Joash did not know it was a test.
2.Take full advantage of the promises. What has God given to you…strike the ground!
3.Three times what a halfhearted, feeble attempt. It would result in just a partial victory.
4.Our lives are overrun by the enemy, and yet we fail in the promises of God claiming more and more ground.
B. Our Condemnation 19
The man of God was angry. “You should have…but you didn’t!”
1.The saddest words in our Christian walk: What might have been. You should have…but you didn’t.
2.We have just partial victories as the Enemy stays entrenched.
3.Going through the motions, you talk a good talk, but you never follow through because there is a lack of commitment and faith. It isn’t long before Joash stops…retreats and goes back whipped by the enemy.
4.God has so much for us. One day we will stand before Him and give an account.

Are you merely going through the motions?
Lord, save us from halfhearted Christianity!
At the end of halfhearted Christianity is someone who
is merely going through the motions!

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