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Sunday Morning Service
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II Kings 9:1-10
When God Has A Job To Do

1. Would you like to do a job for God? There are two basic requirements.
2. In II Kings 9:1-10 there is a job to do. King Jehu is going to be anointed. All of the kings of
the Northern Kingdom were wicked. Jehu was perhaps the best known since he reigned the
longest (28 years) and died of natural causes.

Would you like to do a job for God? There are two basic requirements:
I. THE JOB DESCRIPTION 9:1-3 The Revelation
God has something in mind.
A.He Has A Person In Mind 1
Elisha, the prophet, called one of the children of the prophets.
1.Why doesn’t Elisha go? There may be a couple of reasons: This is just before his death. Perhaps he is too old and is passing the baton to the next generation. It may have been a secret mission, and everyone knew Elisha.
2.He is handpicked…A certain child of the prophets. Verse 4 tells us he was a young man.
3.We all have a calling…the job you have…your children…the church you attend…your Pastor, Associate Pastor, Youth Pastor or Children’s Director all have been handpicked. Who did that? God did that!
B.He Has A Place In Mind 2
Go to Ramoth-Gilead It was 50 miles from Jezreel and Jehoram!
1.In those critical days King Jehoram remained at the royal retreat in Jezreel recuperating from his wounds suffered in the battle with Syria at Ramoth-Gilead (8:28, 29).
2.Who did that? God did! So that this young man could go to Jehu in Ramoth-Gilead.
3.When God has a job to do it involves a place, a geographic location.
*God works circumstances, situations around to get the right people to the right place.
*Where do you find yourself? God has a job that only you can do!
C. He Has A Purpose In Mind 2
He is to find Jehu and anoint him.
1.God is aware and works everything out to the smallest detail. God not only knows the details of our lives…He orders them for His purpose.
2.Notice what Elisha knows. Prophecy is history before it happens!
*He knew where Jehu was to be found.
*He knew that he would not be alone.
*He knew the precise company he would be keeping.
*He knew that he would be seated (how’s that for a small detail).
*He knew he would not be in the inner chamber.
3. God works out the small details of our lives. Nothing ‘just happens’!
D. He Has A Procedure In Mind 1, 3
There is a right way:
1.The Priority Of Service Gird up thy loins.
*Tie up the loose flowing robe of one’s clothing to move more easily.
*Tie up the loose ends. Get your priorities straight.
2. The Preparation For Service Take this flask of oil.
*How can you anoint without oil?
*Prepare to do what God wants you to do.
3. The Persistence In Service Find Jehu.
*Jehu was not at the city limits waiting for him.
*Don’t quit!
4. The Power For Service Take the oil, pour it on his head.
*The anointing would give Jehu royal authority.
*Oil is a type of the Holy Spirit. We can’t go on in our own strength!
5. The Proclamation In Service Thus saith the Lord
*The message is vital.
*Without absolute truth we have no reason to go!
6. The Precaution In Service Then open the door and flee.
*Perhaps this was for his safety.
*There are many perils in service: Pride…Pity…Pessimism.

Would you like to do a job for God? There are two basic requirements: Revelation
II. THE JOB DISPATCHED 9:4-10 The Response
A. Obedience To The Call 4
1.The Person The young man, even the young man
*There is and has always been a youth movement. It’s all of grace.
*The called children of the prophets (v. 1) answers the call of God upon his life!
*So, we must respond to that purpose God has for us.
2. The Position The prophet
*We don’t know who he was, but God does.
*God has given us all positions to fill. Only we can fill that place at that given time.
May we not be time servers.
3. The Place Ramoth-Gilead
*This is the place of fulfilling God’s will. We are time/space oriented. That space is
important to God.
*That place is by divine appointment.
B. Obedience To The Command 5, 6
1. It Is Pointed Behold, everything is just as predicted!
2. It Is Personal It is for Jehu and no one else in the room.
*God deals pointedly and personally as He unfolds His plan to each.
*God doesn’t have a ‘one size fits all’. His will is custom made!
3. It Is Poignant 6 moving, incisive
*He Exalted the Almighty Thus saith the Lord God of Israel
+The emphasis is not on the authority, sovereignty and power of man. Jehu, though
he became king is under Someone bigger than he.
+This One Is our Superior. Someone may sign your pay check, but you work for
Him. We live for Him. He doesn’t live to answer our every whim.
*He Explained the Anointing I have anointed the king…
+The anointing gave him his position…his people the people of the Lord.
+Those you oversee belong to the Lord. He is just a steward…so are we!
C.Obedience To The Communication 7-10
We aren’t given these details in vss 1-3, but no doubt he was instructed by Elisha. The messenger has no right to change the message. He just gives what’s already been given.
1.The Plan 7 Thou shalt smite the house of Ahab.
*As we are obedient in living and communicating God’s truth, we become part of His plan.
*He does have a plan!!
2. The Purpose 8, 9 That I may avenge…
*Jezebel, Ahab’s wicked wife, was still alive and had instigated with Ahab’s approval
a great slaughter of God’s prophets and others loyal to God at the time of Elijah. God
had not forgotten. The extent of the judgment…the entire house of Ahab was to be
wiped out.
*Touch not mine anointed…Those doing God’s business are precious to Him. “Don’t
fight…if you fight, then God cannot fight for you.” These ‘anointed’ look just like you
and me.
3. The Peril 10
*To be eaten by dogs was disgraceful. For a queen to not have an honorable burial was considered equally disgraceful (II Kings 9:36, 37).
*There is a price to pay when we bow to other gods and treat the things of God with contempt.
D. Obedience To The Conclusion 10b
He opened the door and fled.
1.The servant of God is not free to please himself at any point, but must carry out his orders to the letter.
2.V. 11 few will understand those who do a job for God. Why came this mad fellow to thee?

Would you like to do a job for God?
Two requirements:
Revelation from God…God speaks: His Word…Prayer…open doors/shut doors…Godly people…that still small voice.
Response to God…I adjust my life to do what He wants…I obey!

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