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The Text In Context

"In this lesson,... we will focus on the meaning of the Sabbath... We will study the major Sabbath texts in the Law (the Pentateuch) and the Prophets (the rest of the Old Testament). We will then isolate several principles from these passages and explore their practical implications for each of us." Read more by clicking this link.
Sermon Outline

To help you follow along, here is a loose outline of this week's sermon.

I. Our experience of time in the pandemic has changed.
A. More time at home
B. Schedules disrupted
C. Forced down-time.

II. God cares about how we structure our time.
A. The Sabbath is one of the key commandments in scripture.
B. The Sabbath is a sanctuary in time.
C. What makes the Sabbath sacred?

III. Creation
A. In Exodus, God ties the Sabbath commandment to God's act of creation.
B. When God rested on the seventh day, though, God rested inside the temple. The image that is crafted in Genesis 1 is of God ascending to the throne in the temple.
C. Sabbath reminds us of God's current place - sitting over the world, in control of it, ruling over creation.
D. Sacred time is time that reminds us that God is in control.

IV. Personal Example
A. Breathing exercises and a "mantra" remind Pastor Jon of what is actually happening.
B. Sacred time reminds us of what is actually happening - God is ruling over creation and is in control.

V. Sacred Time
A. Sacred time is a commandment, but it is also an invitation. God invites us into this practice.
B. Accept God's invitation of sacred time and find rest in the knowledge that God is truly in control.

The Temple

Pastor Jon discussed the temple a bit in the sermon this week. It is impossible to overstate how important the temple in Jerusalem is to the Bible. Here is a link that gives some history and a description of the temple.

Sabbath as a "Sanctuary in Time"

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel has written a classic book on the Sabbath, where he discusses the Sabbath as a "sanctuary in time." Here is an article that introduces some of his ideas.

God's Sovereignty

The Sovereignty of God is a hotly debated topic. It is important to remember that Christians of good faith disagree on the specifics of how God's sovereignty is exercised and experienced by humans. Attached is one understanding of God's sovereignty that has been popular. While Christians can disagree on the specifics of God's sovereignty, the Bible is clear that God truly is in control and is working towards the resurrection, redemption and restoration of all of creation.

1. How has your schedule changed in the past year and a half?

2. What best reminds you that God is in control? Are there practices, places, authors, conversation partners that remind you of God's sovereignty? How so?

3. Do you currently have a practice of sacred time? If so, what is it? If not, why not?

4. How can you either begin, or deepen, your experience of sacred time?

1. Reflect on what has reminded you of God's sovereignty in the past.

2. Block out some time this next week to engage in those practices that remind you that God is sovereign.

This past week in the StoneBridge Essentials podcast, Jon talked about the Nicene Creed, its history and importance, and how it's relevant in today's world. This week, Pastor Jon will discuss heresies, how they develop, and popular trinitarian heresies. Episodes are available every Tuesday within the StoneBridge podcast.

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