The Roads Church
Part 6 - Sun Aug 1, 2021
Locations & Times
  • The Roads Church - NC
    583 US-45, Norris City, IL 62869, USA
    Sunday 8:30 AM, Sunday 10:30 AM
  • eRoads Family
    Sunday 8:30 AM, Sunday 10:30 AM
  • The Roads Church - Mt. Carmel, IL
    715 W 3rd St, Mt Carmel, IL 62863, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM
Kingdom - basilĕia - Royalty, rule or realm; area ruled by a king

- Root - basis - To walk; the foot; the bottom of something or foundational, principal component of something

Kingdom of Heaven - The foundational, principal component of heaven; the system or culture of heaven

- Culture - Webster - The set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices of a society, institution or organization.

Kingdom Culture - Set of attitudes, values, goals and practices of the kingdom of heaven
Leavening - Generic term; Adding a small amount of something to dough to create a higher or fluffier loaf. Mechanically - Whip air into egg whites creating a meringue. Naturally - Yeast is a biological agent (living organism)

Leaven - zumē - To ferment; the main ingredient added to make bread rise; yeast
How does the Leavening process work?

For fermentation to occur, it requires a base, and a strain.

The base is a carbohydrate, or the flour, salt and the strain is usually a type of bacteria or fungus or the yeast.

Yeast is considered a living organism — the ability to use energy (eat)!

When yeast, humans, and other living organisms use energy (eat), they break down high-energy molecules like sugar to get the energy they need and give off a gas called carbon dioxide as a by-product of this reaction

As soon as yeast (living organism) comes into contact with flour and water, the fermentation process starts. This reaction produces carbon dioxide gas which gets retained by the dough in the small pockets of the gluten structure. As more gas is produced, the gluten stretches and the bread rises.
What is the yeast in the leavening process? - A catalyst

Catalyst - An agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action without itself being affected.

- Provoke - To stir up purposely, to provide the needed stimulus for

Catalysts can have both a fairly mild or slow impact as well as instant dramatic impact but either way they are necessary to provoke change

Yeast or leaven is a catalyst that provokes or speeds up change or action. It is an influencer!
Pharisees - Religious spirit

Herod - Political spirit
Hindered - anakŏptō - To beat or drive back, to prevent or stop the progress

Leaven - An existing lump of old dough that has already had yeast added to it.
Hid - ĕkgruptō - To conceal; to put inside something else as to make invisible; to mix in, to knead in

Yeast - Living organism that produces CO2 as a by product activity and causes the bread to rise to a level that it cannot on its own
Edify - ŏikŏdŏmē - Assist in the construction of a building; build up, bring to fullness or completion