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Christ Wesleyan Church

August 1, 2021

August 1, 2021

Join us for our primary worship service each weekend.

Locations & Times

CWC Milton: The Auditorium

363 Stamm Rd, Milton, PA 17847, USA

Thursday 9:00 AM

Thursday 10:45 AM

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Heaven or Hell

A. Foundations
1. God created you.
2. God gave mankind free will.
3. After being tempted, mankind chose sin.
4. Sin brought shame and eternal separation.
5. God made a way back to Himself.
"You get what is coming to you when you sin. It is death! But God’s free gift is life that lasts forever. It is given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ." Romans 6:23 (NLV)
6. You have a choice: Heaven OR hell.
B. Heaven is real...
1. ...and you can rest assured.
2. ...and it is reserved for those who are in Christ.
C. Hell is real...
1. we should not erase it.
“It's incredibly arrogant to pick and choose which incomprehensible truths we embrace. No one wants to ditch God's plan of redemption, even though it doesn't make sense to us. Neither should we erase God's revealed plan of punishment because it doesn't sit well with us. As soon as we do this, we are putting God's actions in submission to our own reasoning, which is a ridiculous thing for the clay to do.” – Francis Chan, Erasing Hell: What God Said About Eternity, and the Things We’ve Made Up
2. ...and it is reserved for those who deny Christ.
D. The stakes are high! It's time we go all in!
1. Everybody has a choice in this life, and there are people choosing hell every day.
For the believer...
2. Do you care about the people going to hell?
3. Do you care enough to invite them to know Jesus?
4. What’s keeping you from going all in? Lack of concern, fear of rejection, sin, church frustrations, lack of commitment, etc.?
5. If you had the sole knowledge that an unbeliever was going to die tomorrow, what would you say to them today?
For the unbeliever...
6. Knowing what you know now, which do you choose? Heaven or hell?
7. If you’re not ready to choose today, what’s keeping you from making that choice?
For us all...
8. The Church (globally) is facing big decisions. Get ready!
9. We need each other. Keep gathering, growing, giving, and going.
NEXT WEEK (August 8):
All In
The State of the Church

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