Hillside Assembly of God
Choose Joy in Your Thoughts
Locations & Times
  • Gillett Campus
    5890 WI-22, Gillett, WI 54124, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM
1.) Be of the same ___ in the Lord.
1.) Determine that ___ is worthy of my ___.
2.) Determine that ___ is worthy of my ___.
Noble: “that which lifts your eyes up”
Right: Things being done God’s way.
Pure: Holy, clean, things that can be brought into God’s presence.
Lovely: “that which motivates love in our lives.”
Admirable: Things that are fit for God to hear.
Excellent: Any mental excellence or moral quality or physical power.
Praiseworthy: Anything that you can praise God for!
We are ___ to God for our ___.
People who have joy are always ___ people.
Money is not just a privilege, it’s a ___ — “____”