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Crossview Church
A Farewell Prophecy
Dan DeRoche | Mark 13:1-37
Locations & Times
  • Crossview Church
    1000 E Riverview Expy, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494, USA
    Sunday 8:45 AM, Sunday 10:30 AM

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Do not be alarmed by: False teachings, wars, earthquakes
“The radical commitment which the gospel demands can disrupt even the most natural and sacred human relationships.”
1989: “Evangelicals sometimes receive favorable press from the media, but they should never forget the same media powers can quickly turn the world’s opinions against evangelical Christians.”
But the one who endures to the end will be saved.
Temple History
- First Temple: Completed 957 BC, destroyed 586 BC
- Second Temple: Began 538 BC, completed 515 BC
- 20 BC: Herod The Great restored and remodeled.
- The second temple would be destroyed again by the Romans in 70 AD.
People leaving Jerusalem were like
“swimmers deserting a sinking ship”.
- Josephus
1. Stay away
2. Stay awake
3. Stay alert
4. Stay hopeful

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