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The Measure of Generosity
What is the measure of generosity?
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So what is the measure of generosity?

Before Jesus came to earth, most people thought they knew how to accurately measure generosity.

But Jesus showed us the new standard. He changed the measurement.

Your method of measurement matters.
-If someone has to love you for you to love them, if you have to like someone in order to love them, if someone has to agree with you in order for you to love them, you are using the wrong standard of measurement.
-The principle of the day was one of reciprocity. This principle says one must give in equal measure to what one has received.This was the measurement. But now Jesus introduces a radical new standard.
-The call of the disciple is to a greater love, a distinct love, a love that is unique in the world. This is THE new measure of love. A new definition. A new standard. The new standard of generosity!
Our standard is: “What is fair?”
God’s standard is: “What is merciful?” (Luke 6:36)
We don’t get to be the ones who decide who deserves to be loved.
Jesus is saying ‘Be careful of the standard you use with others. That’s the standard I will use with you’.
“For the measure you use, it will be measured to you”

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