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Sunday Morning Service
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II Kings 5:20-27
Never Satisfied

1. God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him. John Piper
2. We are programmed or being programmed to never be satisfied: $15.00 per hour minimum
wage…advertisements…free college…etc.
3. Covetousness which is idolatry…Covetousness is either wanting what God has not given to
you or wanting what God forbids.
4. “She’s never satisfied.” Are you “never satisfied”?
5. This is a major problem in II Kings 5:20-27 with Gehazi (Elisha’s servant). There is a high
price to pay.

Are you “Never Satisfied”? There is a high price to pay!
A. His Privilege 20a
1. Servant of Elisha He has seen God’s hand up close and personal. He was close to the spout where the power came out.
2.The man of God Elisha walked the walk and talked the talk. He wanted more! Gehazi wanted things!
3.How much is enough? You will never be satisfied by anything in the world if you are not satisfied with your walk with God!
4.Covetousness is desiring something so much that you lose your contentment in God. Piper
B. His Pride 20b
1. Behold my master…He was belittling God’s man. God’s authority. He knows more. He knows better. He sees an opportunity to advance himself!
2.Hath spared Naaman…Elisha has let him off the hook. Naaman was good for it!
3.This Syrian…he is a foreigner…a thorn in Israel’s side. Gehazi doesn’t see Naaman as a new believer…one just cleansed. What you have…I’ll take it. The story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:30-37): Thieves: What’s yours is mine and I’ll take it!
Those who passed by: What’s mine is mine and I’ll keep it! Good Samaritan: What’s mine belongs to God, and you can have it!
4. In not receiving at his hand that which he brought (5:5) He’s loaded. Gehazi misses that it is all of grace!
5.As the Lord liveth…He swears an oath of selfishness. He cared nothing about God or honoring God. He used God, but he merely cared about himself.
C. His Pursuit 20b-21
1. I will run after him. He had to get out of Elisha’s sight. A caravan travelled about 3 mph. If he ran he could over take them.
2.Gehazi followed after Naaman. At any cost…by any means Gehazi wanted more. What are you chasing? The chase is important.
3.Naaman saw him running after him. He alighted from his chariot. “Is it well?” It is always well when we get what we think we want!

Are you “Never Satisfied”? There is a high price to pay!
A. His Procedure 22, 23
The most important aspect of covetousness is: “Not thy will but mine be done.” Lied…Lied…Lied: Lie to God. Lie to Others. Lie to Ourselves.
1. All is well. The truth is I am up to no good!
2.My master has sent me. Truth is I am doing this on my own and God has nothing to do with this!
3.Now there are come to me from Mt Ephraim 2 young men of the sons of the prophets. He had his story all made up. All of this was rehearsed. It sounded good. You are giving to a good cause!
4.Give them (truth is give me) a talent of silver and two changes of raiment.
When you are living for yourself you will be less than honest, but you can sure tell a convincing story. You might even use words like: “I prayed about it.”
B. His Pleasure 23
He got 2 talents and 2 changes
1. He got what he thought he wanted and then some.
2.Just because we get something is no sign it is best for us or that it is God’s will. Gehazi manipulated the whole thing.
3.I know of a business man who lies, steals and cheats and then says, “God has really blessed.” It’s just not so!
C. His Plan 24
1. He knew Elisha (God) would not be pleased.
2.Cover up…tower means, a hill. It was the well known hill before the city.
3.Gehazi didn’t want anyone to see them reenter the city. Naaman had sent two servants back to help Gehazi.
4.He was thinking all the time of the cover up that was needed.
A life of self…lies…half truths gets more difficult to pull off. Your soul shrinks a bit each time you lie!

Are you “Never Satisfied”? There is a high price to pay!
Self-centered living will catch up with you.
A. His Pretense 25
1. Business as usual: But he went in and stood before his master. That is what servants are supposed to do. They look as though everything is o.k. Have you ever done that?
2.From where comest thou Gehazi… “Where have you been?” “What have you been doing?” God asks some very pointed questions. He wants to bring us to the end of ourselves.
3.Thy servant went not here nor there. Covetousness cannot be transparently honest with God. We have to keep up a front. Pride!!!
B. His Perception 26
1. Elisha knew everything he did. He knew what he was doing and what he was going to do. He was going to become a farmer!!
2.These were his plans. You may fool some of the people some of the time…but you will never fool God!
C. His Pain 27
1. He got the same disease as Naaman. He must have died of leprosy!
2.Covetousness cheapened the grace of God and disgraced the man of God.
3.Covetousness will kill you. What you think you want isn’t what you want! Once you get it, it will never be enough!

What is the cure for “Never Satisfied”?
“I need nothing else.”
“Lord, I have You…that is enough!”
“Thank You.”

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