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Sunday Morning Service
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II Kings 5;1-19
When Life Is Impossible

1. Is life impossible? God is at work!
2. In II Kings 5:1-19 we see life is impossible for Naaman…a leper. We don’t know much about the disease. It was common in Israel and the victim had to be separated from the community. It was deadly!

Is life impossible? God is at work!
“Our importunity is God’s opportunity.”
A. The Man 1
God is at work even when we aren’t aware of it. Naaman was a lost pagan and he was still clay in the potter’s hand.
1. The Impossible is no respecter of persons.
*His Position…He was the general of generals.
*His Power…He was a great man with Ben-hadad.
*His Prestige…He had been given honor and was decorated.
*His Performance… Because by him the Lord had given deliverance. God was at work and he didn’t know it or acknowledge it. Israel was at odds with Assyria.
*His Prowess…a mighty man of valor.
He had everything going for him. All of this doesn’t mean much when you are going to die!!
2.Even in the Impossible there are no accidents with God. (15) God has something greater in mind.
*A Leper…today stage 4 cancer that is incurable and inoperable. It was incurable. It was a dreaded disease that brought death.
*Syria must have allowed him to be among the people until he was no longer able.
*It must have been difficult to see this great man deteriorating.
B. The Means 2 God Is At Work!
1. Note all that God had to put together to pull this off:
*Right Place Out of Israel.
*Right Person Brought away captive…a little maiden.
*Right Placement Waited on Naaman’s wife
2. What an orchestration. At the time everything would have seemed wrong!
3. God is at work when nothing seems right. GIVE HIM TIME! “TRUST
C. The Message 3
1. Where Did She Get That? No one in Israel had been healed of leprosy. (Lk.
2. Why Did She Give That? God did it. God brought it to her mind. God had
something greater in mind. This maiden didn’t realize she was just as much an
instrument as Elisha, but she was.

Is life impossible? God is at work! But so is Satan.
A. A Willing Recipient 4, 5
1.Naaman’s wife passes along the news. Naaman has no choice. Ben-hadad is willing to cooperate…to give…to write a letter…WHY? God is at work!
2.10 talents of silver is 750 lbs…650 shekels of gold is 150 lbs…10 changes of raiments. All of these were considered very valuable.
B. A Reluctant Royalty 6, 7
1. Jehoram was king of Israel, but he was not part of the remnant (believers). Ben-hadad either didn’t make the message clear or it was misunderstood. Who did this? Who brought such fear and confusion? Satan…He thought he was being tricked into war.
2.Satan is doing what he can to keep this man from God. (15) He never thought of Elisha although the maiden did. He wasn’t wired up spiritually. Don’t expect spiritual insight from those who do not walk with God. Unknowingly they will stop spiritual progress!

Is life impossible? God is at work!
Removing the impossibility:
A. The Possibility 8
1. God is Waiting To Intervene Why hast thou torn thy clothes Everything isn’t helpless and hopeless.
2.Let him come to me NOW God’s revelation is an invitation to become involved in what He is doing. Become involved NOW!
B.The Pride 9-12
My Way!
1. Position, Possessions 9 Notice the entourage: horses, chariots. They stop at Elisha’s humble abode.
2.Pronouncement 10, 11 “Go and wash in the Jordan River seven times.”
*He was angry! He has his own idea as to how God should work. He will surely come out to ME.
*Hocus/Pocus this is how we impress God!
3. Preference 12 “Two rivers in Syria are better than all”
*The Jordan River was dirty and muddy.
*Do you ever know better than God?
C. The Pleading 13 (read)
1. God used ‘servants’…a maiden…Gehazi…now Naaman’s care takers.
2. Why these men? Why do they speak? It makes sense, but why? God did it!
3. What do you have to lose? This isn’t a giant step of faith!!
D. The Performance 14 (3, 10, 14)
1. He does exactly what God says…According to the saying of the man of God.
2. God does the rest…super, abundant, above…like the flesh of a small child!
3. He was clean. God will do exactly what He says He will do!

Is life impossible? God is at work!
God has done a greater work inside! That is where God always wants to do a greater work.
A.The Company He Sought 15 He returned to the man of God. Rimmon was Haddad-Rimmon who was the god of rain and thunder.
B.The Confession He Made 15, 17
C.The Conscience He Evidenced 18

Is life impossible? God is at work!
God wants to do something greater:
Brings us to the end of ourselves.
Bow Before Him.
Take Our Hands Off.
God Does What We Cannot Do.
All we can do is say, “Thanks” But You’ll Never Be the Same!
God is at work! Give Him Time…He’ll Come Through!
You will be changed!

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