Congdon Street Baptist Church
6/27/21 - Congdon Street Bapist Church
Locations & Times
  • Congdon Street Baptist Church
    17 Congdon St, Providence, RI 02906, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM
  • CSBCeChurch
    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 11:00 AM

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We are so excited! Can you let us know who you are so we can rejoice with you! We will baptize as soon as we get back together!

Giving @CSBC

Why We Give Giving is an an act of worship and obedience from a heart surrendered to Christ ... a choice we make to follow God's instruction for us. Pastor Justin reminds us often that the Lord wants us to give from our hearts. God always honors and blesses obedience, we don't give to get. We give out of our need to act on our faith. God uses those resources for His glory and to further His Kingdom.
1 - Ask the Giving God (v 5)
-Wisdom is the art of living life the way God intended. (Proverbs 2)
-God gives wisdom generously every time without finding fault. Why? Because God wants the best for you.
-Remind yourself regularly of Who God Is.

I need wisdom for _____

2 - Practice being All in (v 6)
Remember God’s Character - A giving God
Remember James Goal - to lack nothing.

Division is an internal division in the person. I am divided in myself.
James is talking about someone who will not make a decision. Are you IN or OUT. Are you FOR or AGAINST Jesus?
Are you All In On Jesus?

3 - Check your Alter-ego at the Altar (v-7-8)
Double minded in the greek is not mind its soul.
dipsychos - Double Souled

Are you anxious in your prayer life? Are you stressed in your devotion life? Does Being a Christ follower fall off? That shows me that there are aspects of your faith walk that are unstable. Im not giving you guilt today!
Your putting your hope in the wrong stuff.

What to do? Back end of verse 6.
-But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.

There is no anchor for your soul.
Faith in Jesus is the anchor for your soul. Drop the anchor of your soul.
Take your faith and drop it down and anchor yourself to faith in Jesus.
Trials will happen…be anchored.

Background of James:

The Big Idea:
Listen to Jesus and do what he says.

How James Fits into God’s Big Story:
-Inward faith produces outward actions
-Selfishness causes division, but obedience to God brings Unity
-God brings peace to us personally and to our relationships

How James Fits My Story:
-When we have a need, Jesus wants us to ask Him for help.
-Our words and actions can influence people to move closer to or further from Jesus.
-God doesn’t judge anyone based on wealth or poverty and neither should we.

James Let church in Jerusalem - The epicenter of Christianity. James wore the letter to Jewish Christians all around the Mediterranean region and beyond.

July is our Selah Month.
Selah is a word we see throughout scripture that speaks to a pause or a breath. July at Congdon Street is a month to pause our weekly activities and events fro you to spend time with your family, personal study and more. We will hav worship every Sunday Online and In person!
Join us for Conference call Bible Study Every Tuesday at Noon. Call (605)313-4159 and use passcode 422185 to join.
Kids Study: For Kids and Teens we have lessons just for you! On our CSBC Kids Korner Youtube we have on-Demand lessons for you! We livestream a weekly lesson Thursday at 6:00pm.
Jersey Sunday! – The NBA and NHL playoffs are in full swing. On Sunday July 11th we want to see your favorite team jersey! Feel free to wear any team as we celebrate #TeamCSBC in person and online!
Summer Book Read - Looking for a book to read as you continue your Journey growing in Christ? This Summer, our Summer-wide read is Urban Apologetics: Restoring Black Dignity with the Gospel by Eric Mason. This book explores how to merge the full expression of Blackness with the full expression of Jesus fulfilled in scripture. Later this summer we will have a discussion Dr. Eric Mason join us to talk about the book.
Summer Reading Plan - For the Summer Months Pastor Justin Has provided a Summer Reading Plan so that you can work through the New Testament over the course of the summer! They are available online and in person! Each Monday On Youtube Pastor will give a brief overview of the book we will read that week! The Reading Plan is Available on our webpage at

Want to Join CSBC?

We are so excited! Can you let us know who you are so we can rejoice with you! We will baptize as soon as we get back together!