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Sermon Notes, June 20, 2021
Most men will claim that their family is their highest priority. “My family comes first!” they say. Psalms 127 and 128 show what it takes to actually live this out. Here we meet one of the Bible’s great paradoxes – If we really want to put our families first, someone else needs to be ahead of them on the priority list. In this sermon, we learn about a truly successful man’s highest priority, and then consider four pleasures that follow for those who put that First Thing first in their lives.
Locations & Times
  • GracePoint Church
    1 E 22nd St, Atlantic, IA 50022, United States
    Ням 10:00 ҮӨ

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Sermon Outline & Notes

A truly successful man puts “first things” first.

Four pleasures of the man who seeks God first:
1. Inner Peace

2. Meaningful Work

3. Fruitful Marriage

4. Impactful Children