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Sunday Morning Service
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II Kings 4:42-44
When What You Have Isn’t Enough

1. God has given us all various assignments (husband, wife, parenting, employment, health
issues, financial issues, etc.), and there are times when you just don’t have enough.
2. What do you do when what you have isn’t enough?
3. I believe we will find out from an unnamed donor in II Kings 4:42-44.

What do you do when what you have isn’t enough?
A. The Person And there came a man
1. This is an unnamed man, but God knows who he is.
2. He is a God-fearer. He was most likely one of the 7000 who had not bowed his knee
to Baal.
3. God gives to everyone of us. In the whole scheme of things, we are nothings, no
bodies, unnamed. No one knows and no one cares who you are…God cares!
4. What God gives to us often isn’t enough.
B. The Place Baal-shalisha
1. Shalisha was its original name, but Jezebel pushed to have its name changed. It was
given a name that would honor Baal.
2. In the heart of idolatry is a remnant (one who fears God…one who orders his life by
the Word of God…one who had a heart for the things of God).
3. In Scottdale, Connellsville, Mt. Pleasant, anywhere in the world regardless of the
direction of society you can stand for Jesus Christ. You can raise a family that is
good and godly!
4. In these places God gives unnamed, unknown people that which isn’t enough.
C. The Presentation brought the man of God bread of the first fruits
1. The Recipient
*Under normal conditions the first fruits should have gone to the priest, but either
there was no priest or the priest was corrupt.
*He was giving what he had to God. What you have is not yours. What you have
must be given to God before it can be given away.
2. The Reserve
*It was famine time for the farmer, but he gave the Best of the Best…First Fruits.
*Give to God first. Give Him Your Best. Give Him your all…FIRST.
*What you are saying: “If You want’s Yours!”
*Whatever we have is not ours and as a token we give it away. Anything you
call “Mine” you can lose. Let it go!
D. The Provision 20 loaves of barley and full ears of grain in its husk
1. A loaf was usually one loaf per person. The grain was to be used later to make
2. God knows exactly what we have and what we give. Giving is always in the sight of
3. In this case giving involved that which was tangible. Giving involves every aspect
of our lives…health…family…job…finances…your body…etc.
E. The Purpose Give unto the people that they may eat.
1. That which isn’t enough is a gift. That gift is not for us…for the people. It was not
for the sons of the prophets it was to be for the people.
2. This Christianity thing isn’t just for ourselves. It is for others. We Are To Know
God…Love People (others)…and Serve (Be a Blessing) Both!
3. It is not what I can get. It is not about what God has given to me, but what can I
give? Give it away! Whatever you have hold it very loosely.

What do you do when what you have isn’t enough?
Gehazi said, “What should I set this before 100 men?” He is not thinking for the people,
but the 100 sons of the prophets.
A.Little Thinking…Show me what someone has done and I’ll show you what they will do. (3:26, 27, 31)
B.Narrow Thinking…There will always be someone to belittle impossibility thinking. “It can’t be done.” “We’ve never done it this way before.”
C.Impossibility Thinking…Some will never understand. Some will never quite grasp that what we are doing is not natural, but supernatural. We are not living for time, but eternity.
D.Earth-bound Thinking…Earth-bound people can’t see what might be or what could be. They leave God out of the equation.

What do you do when what you have isn’t enough?
For thus saith the Lord…we are given 5 principles:
A.Authority What does God say?
1.Give the people that they may eat. How does God speak? His Word…Prayer…Open Doors and Shut Doors…Spiritually Minded People.
2.What does God say about what He has given to you?
B. Attitude What can God do with that which isn’t enough? “Give to the people”. Our attitude is often: Tell me Your will and I will tell You whether I want to do it or not.
C.Addition God will multiply what He has given.
D.Abundance God always gives more than enough. And shall have some left. What we do is never enough, but what God does is always more than enough.
E.Attainment God must do it. We can’t! It is our business to obey. God must do the rest!

What do you do when what you have isn’t enough?
As we work according to Biblical principles:
A. Attitude of Obedience So he (Gehazi) set before them (the people)
The reason we see God working so little is because we do not live in an attitude of obedience.
B. Attainment of Others They did eat…some was left. This is at a time of famine!
1.God will do exactly what He says if we do exactly what He asks!
2.Continually say, ‘Yes’ to God.
C. Authority of Operation According to the Word of the Lord
1.Why do we do what we do or why are we doing what we are doing?
2.Who receives the credit? This ‘miracle’ wasn’t Elisha’s doing. God did it!
3.To God Be The Glory Great Things He Has Done!!
4.What can you say when God multiplies that which isn’t enough? “Thanks”!
5.You Will Develop an Expanded View of God as you follow Him!

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