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Crossview Church
An Eternal Way of Life
Dan DeRoche | Mark 8:27-38
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  • Crossview Church
    1000 E Riverview Expy, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494, USA
    Sunday 8:45 AM, Sunday 10:30 AM

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What did they mean by Messiah?
1. Superhuman Leader
2. Prophesied in the Old Testament
3. Waiting for over 2500 years
4. Overthrow Israel’s enemies
5. Regather all of God’s people
6. Establish the perfect rule of God
7. Kingdom will last forever
He goes on to teach them that He is a suffering Messiah.
One of the biggest hindrances to growing spiritually is we get obsessed with our lives in the here and now. We miss the greater things God wants us to know and do.
As followers of Jesus – we must grow our eternal thinking and not just be focused on things in the here and now.
Jesus had a much bigger vision and the disciples were missing it. What about us?
We must embrace a suffering Messiah that will return as the forever King!
A cross comes from enduring trials because of embracing the narrow way of Jesus – the way, the truth, the life.
Jesus said the way to get an eternal connection is to lose your life in Him.
Consider Two Things:

1. Deny yourself, lose your life, by keeping Jesus on the throne of your heart

Jesus relentlessly undermines all that is not god to make room for the God who has redeemed our hearts.

2. Live for eternity

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