One Church NY
Sunday June 27, 2021 Akron
Sunday June 27, 2021 Akron
Locations & Times
  • One Church Akron Campus
    6 Scotland Rd, Akron, NY 14001, USA
    Sunday 8:00 AM
  • One Church, NY
    Sunday 8:00 AM
In God We Trust
Can We Trust God
Welcome to One Church!
Thank you for joining us today. We are so glad that you are here.

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Key Thought:
Trust is knowing God has my best interest in mind

Key thought:
Our trust depends on who or what we go to with the problems
we face everyday.

1. God listens to my cry
God's provision: Prayer
2. God is my shining light
God's provision: The Bible
3. God is my heart healer
God's provision: People
4. God is my strength giver
God's provision: The Holy Spirit
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-Memorize Matt. 5:4
-I need to continue to pray for_____________
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