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An Effective Witness
Dan DeRoche | Mark 7:31-37
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  • Crossview Church
    1000 E Riverview Expy, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494, USA
    Sunday 8:45 AM, Sunday 10:30 AM

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How do we become an effective witness for Jesus?
The man that Jesus healed could not ask questions, could not hear answers, probably could not read, could not hear first-hand about Jesus, but he had people who loved him.
How did Jesus heal him?
1. Puts His fingers in his ears
2. Spits and touches his tongue
3. Looks up to heaven
4. Sighs deeply
5. Speaks “be opened”
Why did Jesus heal him this way?
1. Touching his ears
2. Wetting his tongue
3. Looking up to heaven
4. Sighing
5. Saying “Be opened”
I believe He did it this way to give us an example of how to have an impact on a world hostile to Jesus and His message.
Jesus’ example of an effective witness:
An Effective Look
If we are not exposing our souls to God in worship, prayer, and reading the Bible, then God’s life will not be burned into ours. If we never do that and call ourselves a Christian, we are sinning. We are lying.
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Jesus’ example of an effective witness:
An Effective Sigh
• People who resist Jesus are softened when they see compassion vs. argument from the people of God.
“There is no place where the earth’s sorrows are more felt than in heaven.” – Fredrick Faber 1850
• When we look to heaven we become compassionate because we see the world through the eyes of God.
Jesus’ example of an effective witness:
An Effective Touch
We must build a relational bridge strong enough to bear the weight of truth.
Jesus’ example of an effective witness:
An Effective Word
The words sailed through the ears of the man, into his brain and power was released that would change this man’s earthly existence forever.
To reach this world, this is what’s needed:
• An upward look of prayer
• A heartfelt sigh of compassion
• A loving touch that enters into their lives
• A proclamation of the gospel of Jesus
How do you do that?
• Remember where you were before Jesus.
• Take one simple step.

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