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Sunday Morning Service
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II Kings 4:18-37
When God Takes Back That Which He Has Given

1. The son is born. He is old enough now to go to the field with his father.
2. When God takes back that which He has given, how can we handle it?
3. This was the case in II Kings 4:18-37 We are given steps to the road to recovery.

When God takes back that which He has given, how can we handle it? The road to recovery:
I. HER DEATH 4:18-21 Reality
A. The Timing It fell on a day, that he went out to his father to the reapers.
1. It was a busy time. It was a hot time. It was a happy time.
2. Trials are no respecter of time. It is never a good time when the wheels fall off.
They often come during harvest season when everything is going good.
3. God in His infinite wisdom permits and schedules our trials. None are ever a
surprise to God.
B. The Turning “My head” “My head” 19, 20
1. Within hours it is all over.
2. How suddenly it all takes place. Before we realize what is happening: It
couldn’t happen to me, but it did! Accidents…Overdose…She walks out…
C. The Taking 21
1. She lays him on the bed and shuts the door. Elisha was miles away!
2. Reality…Face It.

When God takes back that which He has given, how can we handle it? The road to recovery:
II. HER DETERMINATION 4:22-30 Resolution
It is 20 miles to Carmel. Most likely she had heard of the raising of the widow’s son at
Zaraphath by Elijah (I Kings 17:23).
A.Word From God
1.“That I may run to the man of God.” She saddled her donkey. Slack not thy riding for me. She came to the man of God.
2.When the wheels fall off get into the Word of God. Let nothing stand in your way.
B.Wisdom From God See things from His perspective.
C.Walk With God 27, 20
1.She caught him by the feet.
2.As the Lord liveth…I will not leave thee.
3.Practice the presence of God. Bring Him into the account. Experience Him through the Word and prayer.

When God takes back that which He has given, how can we handle it? The road to recovery:
III. HER DETERANTS 4:22-30 Restraints
Within her determination…a word from God…wisdom from God…her walk with God.
There is always something out to stop you!
A. Those We Love 22, 23 In this case it was her husband.
1.He seems callous, indifferent or he may be just numb. He is like many men…just a matter of fact.
2.She goes to him. He is perhaps preoccupied. Maybe there is nothing we can do.
3.v. 23 He thought he could do nothing. Neither new moon nor Sabbath. It is 20 miles to hear Elisha.
4.Trials come to some of God’s finest.
5.Then she (not he) saddled the donkey. He didn’t even ride with her. There may have been only one donkey available. It was harvest time!
6.Sometimes those we love just don’t understand. They let us down when we need them the most!
B. Those Who Lead 26, 27 Gehazi…where did Elisha get him?
1.Gehazi spoke to her. It is well…to her husband: He shall be well. She didn’t want to speak to Gehazi.
2.Gehazi came near her and thrust her away. You would expect better treatment from the servant of a great prophet. Our walk with God cannot be determined by other people!!
3.Gehazi was not able to raise the child. There was no power from the living God. Eventually, Gehazi gets leprosy because of his greed.
4.People, religious, well meaning people can keep us from the Word of God and the presence of God.

When God takes back that which He has given, how can we handle it? The road to recovery:
IV. HER DESIRE 4:31-35 Resignation
Absolute Surrender: Leave the Matter In God’s Hands
A.Only God’s Power Can Revive 31 Gehazi was not the instrument.
B.When God Moves on the Scene There Is No Hope. 32 We are at the end of ourselves.
C.It Is Now Totally Up To God. 33
1.Privately (Elisha and the boy) Shut the door. Bring God into the picture. There is hope! It is now in God’s hands!
2.Prayerfully…Find those who can get hold of heaven. The outcome is not up to you! Leave the outcome up to God!!
D. Mean Business as the Woman and Elisha. 34 The only other time this is recorded is with Elijah (I Kings 17:21) His flesh became warm…it means it was cool and death had occurred.
E.It Is Not In Elisha…He Doesn’t Know the Outcome (v. 27) Even Godly men can pace!!
F.God Can Do the Impossible 35b The Outcome is His business! The child sneezes…opens his eyes. I don’t know why some die and some live. God will heal every time but the last time. Only He knows when that day will be.

When God takes back that which He has given, how can we handle it? The road to recovery:
V. HER DELIGHT 4:36, 37 Rejoicing
A. Her Life Take up thy son…now what?
B. Her Look She went in and fell at his feet and bowed herself to the ground.
Thanksgiving…Praise…Worship. Elisha is God’s Representative!
C.Her Liberty She took up her son and went out. The little boy was not hers. He never will be.

When God takes away that which He has given:
It was His. It was always His and it will never be ours!!
It Brings Us To the End of Ourselves
To Find Our Sufficiency In Himself.
Never Grasp…It all belongs to Him.
He can do whatever He wants.
To Pray Impossible Prayers: It is not my will but Thine be done.
All we can say is, “Thanks” and fall before Him surrendering absolutely.

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