Hillside Missionary Church
5/9/21 Worship Gathering
Whether you’re a guest or a long-time attendee we’re glad you’re here with us. We’re a friendly and caring group of Christians who are here to help people be CONNECTED with Jesus, CHANGED by Jesus, and COMMITTED to the mission of Jesus. If you're new with us today, thank for joining us! We truly believe that you’re not here by accident and that God has some amazing plans for your life. If you’d like some information about who we are and how to get plugged in here at Hillside, please fill out the “I’m New” page on our website, hmcworship.com/im-new/
Locations & Times
  • 21567 Ireland Rd, South Bend, IN 46614, USA
    Freitag 5:00 PM
In this passage of God’s Word, we see Jesus teaching through the parable of the sower. This parable is unique in that Jesus explains it to His disciples directly after teaching it to the crowd. Through Jesus’ explanation, we can see that all people have 1 of 4 responses to God:
1. The path side soil
Luke 8:5,12
2. The rocky soil
Luke 8:6, 13
3. The thorny soil
Luke 8:7, 14
4. The good soil
Luke 8:8,15
Our job is to simply respond to God as the good soil does in the parable. This happens by hearing from God, allowing God to transform us, bearing fruit, and spreading the good news.
Reflection Questions

1. Have you ever read or heard this passage of God’s Word before? If so, did anything stand out to you that hasn’t before? What was your big “take away” from learning about this passage of Scripture?
2. Be honest with yourself: Which soil do you identify with most? Why is that? If you don’t identify with the good soil what can you do to respond to God’s Word better? Who could you have help you and keep you accountable to that?
3. You probably know individuals who respond to God’s Word like each of these 4 soils. The point of Jesus’ teaching is not to judge others for being bad soil, but rather to encourage His listeners to respond to Him well, and to help others do the same. List off individuals, who you know personally, who would fall into all 4 of these categories, and practical ways how you can encourage them to respond to God as the good soil does in this parable.

Current Prayer Requests
CHURCH FAMILY NEEDS:Rev. Ken Fetter's wife, Jo, entered her Savior's loving arms last week after an extended illness. Please keep the Fetter family in your prayers during this time of loss. Also, Luis Caban, who recently started coming to Hillside, severely broke his back and had to be hospitalized. He has had to move to a nursing home for rehabilitation.
MISSIONARIES: This month pray for the Erdels.
FAMILY OF THE WEEK: Each week we’ll pray for a different family in our church. This week pray for the Rollfs.
HILLSIDE HAPPENINGS: Pray that the church would continue to stay unified under Christ. Pray for our online services and for the people joining us there. Pray that God would use us to bring His Kingdom here. Pray for the foster closet, as they are helping a new foster closet as they are currently in need of more volunteers.
CURRENT HAPPENINGS: Pray for the current health pandemic in our world and in our country. Pray for medical staff and for our leaders as they navigate how to best help. Pray for the unrest and divisions in our country. Pray for our leaders, current and future. Pray for the political unrest. Pray for India, as they have a surge of Covid-19 deaths.
Attendance for 5/2/21 Service
In-person: 52
Online Views (through 5/6/21): 9

Online (4/26/21 to 5/2/21): $295 for general
In-Person (5/2/21): $1,362 for general, $460 for missions
Total general needed weekly to meet budget: $1480
In-Person Service Update
Thank you for your continual faithfulness and flexibility during these times. We especially appreciate those 8+ years old wearing their mask when not seated 6+ feet away from those outside of their household. Please remember, no offering plates will be passed; instead we ask you to give online or via the giving box near the gym entrance. Tables are set up in the back row of the gym for families with young children. We also kindly ask you to use the restroom before you come to ensure that our restrooms are as clean as possible for those who need to use them.
Women's Bible Study
A women’s Bible study is happening on Tuesday mornings at 9:00 AM and is meeting at the church building. For more information please contact April Rollf.
Open Sorting Hour at the Foster Closet
Want to help out at the foster closet but can’t commit to helping regularly? That’s ok! Every Friday from 12:30-1:30 is an open sorting hour. If you’d like to help during the open sorting hour, please text Tammi Fisher at (216) 526-9974.
Workday - June 6th
Thank you to everyone who came out to help at yesterday’s workday. We truly appreciate your help. We will be having another workday on June 6th from 9am-12pm. Any and all help is appreciated! Also, if you have any time throughout the week that you would like to help out with the sanctuary project, please let Pastor Josh know. We would love to have your help!