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Revealed - God at Work: "They Saw Jesus Walking on the Sea"
Senior Pastor Jon Saur
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    4832 Cochran St, Simi Valley, CA 93063, USA
    Saterdag 5:00 NM, Saterdag 6:00 NM

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In Revealed: God at Work, we will be looking to the signs that Jesus performs in the Gospel of John. "Signs" are more than just miracles - they point to deeper truths about God's work in the world and what God's eternal life offers us. Join us, so that you can see God's work in your life more clearly!
"Signs" in the Bible

New Testament scholar Marianne Meye Thompson writes about "signs" in the Old Testament and what they signified, so that we can better understand the context of Jesus' "signs." Thompson writes:

The term "'Signs,' often linked with 'wonders,' occurs frequently in the Old Testament to refer to plagues and others acts accompanying God's deliverance of Israel from Egypt. But many other things are also called 'signs': the rainbow; circumcision; the lamb's blood on the doorposts; the Sabbath; the words of God to be bound on one's hand, forehead and doorposts; the birth of a child; the fertility of crops in the land; and heavenly portents. Such things are "signs" because they are indicators of God's work in the world. Whether extraordinary (portents in the heaven) or ordinary (the slaying of the lamb; the circumcision of a baby), these things are 'signs' because they are not ends in themselves; signs function primarily to point to to God's work."

The Text In Context

The disciples... went from the mountaintop experience of the feeding of the 5,000 to the valley of the violent storm as they struggled to cross the sea without Jesus being with them. Just as Jesus knew what He would do with the feeding of the 5,000 (6:6), so He knew that He was sending the disciples into a storm and that He would come to them to calm their fears and to increase their understanding...
The "Sea" In the Bible

The "Sea" has symbolic significance in many places in the Bible. It represents chaos and disruption. Below are some passages from the Psalms that highlight the sea's symbolic significance.

Artistic Renderings of Jesus Walking on the Sea

Just to get a visual of this sign, here are some artistic renderings of Jesus walking on the sea. (Not encouraging anyone to buy any of these, it's just the best collection that could be found on the internet.)
"It is I" vs. "I am"

Most translations translate Jesus's phrase as "It is I," which is unfortunate because this translation masks the clear connection to God's name being drawn here by John. The Common English Bible, however, translates this phrase well, as can be seen below.

"I am" is God's name in the Old Testament. And the command "Don't be afraid" is the most commonly voiced command by God in the Old Testament. When you pair this with the many descriptions of God being over the water, it seems clear that Jesus' fifth sign involves him revealing his divine identity in a dramatic way to his disciples.

1. When Jesus walked on the Sea, he revealed his identity as God, who calms the sea for Israel and urged them to not be afraid. In Jesus' death and resurrection, God's victory through Jesus conquered chaos, death and sin. What in your life feels "chaotic" or out of control? If God spoke into your situation, what might you hope would happen? Might God have other, unknown outcomes that still delivers you?

2. Many English translations of scripture will translate Jesus' phrase as "It is I." However, in Greek, Jesus states the phrase "I am." Do you think there is a difference between these two phrases? What might the difference be?

3. The invitation in this sign is to embrace Jesus as God and to hand over the areas of our lives that are chaotic and out of control. How can you hand over your answers from question #1 to Jesus? Prayer? Confession? Conversation with a friend?

4. From today's scripture we learn that Jesus wants to walk alongside his disciples in the midst of whatever they are dealing with. How has Jesus walked alongside you in the past?

5. If you don't know and trust Jesus as Lord, the invitation in this sign is to become one of his disciples. Is there anything holding you back from trusting him now? What is it?

1. When is a time that you felt like things weren't going the way you wanted?

2. How did you respond?

3. Jesus wants to walk alongside in the midst of whatever it is you are experiencing. Pray that you can be aware of how Jesus is walking with you.

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