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Downtown Worship, May 9, 2021
Building Blocks of the New Creation: Interruptions
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This passage is often called the Gentile Pentecost. It is the fourth outpouring of God’s Spirit upon the people so far in the book of Acts. The book of Acts is often called the Acts of the Apostles. Another, more accurate, title may be the Acts of the Holy Spirit.

Four interruptions make up the text and surrounding context today:
1. Cornelius interrupted by angel with a message to send for Peter.
2. Peter interrupted my dream to “Get up, kill, and eat” and “Go to Caesarea”
3. The Holy Spirit interrupts Peter’s sermon.
4. Jewish Christians interrupted by Gentiles being admitted into the church.

Results (new creation) of the interruptions
1. Cornelius and the entire household received salvation.
2. Peter opened up to a new ministry to the Gentiles.
3. God's promises fulfilled.
4. You are here today as a result of this interruption.

Keys to being interruptible:
1. Humility
When is the last time you’ve said “I’m sorry” or changed your mind about something?

2. Margin
Both Cornelius and Peter were praying in the middle of the day.
Sometimes we make margin. Sometimes it is made for us.

3. Perseverance
Willingness to keep looking for God’s hand or new creation making beauty out of ashes, order from chaos, light from darkness.

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