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Calvary Worship
Mark 6 + 8 Jesus provides and is our Bread of life
Locations & Times
  • Calvary Reformed Church, Mattawan,
    7829 5th St, Mattawan, MI 49071, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM
Comparisons/ Differences

ɫ Jews, without a shepherd: Compassion / teach them (6: 34)
ɫ Gentiles, 3 days they need food (demonic man area) (8: 2)
- Compassion

Disciples: Jesus challenges the disciples to meet people’s needs
ɫ “Why, not our responsibility” (6: 35-37)
o Forgot: wine, Sea, little girl, woman, demon’s cast, etc.
ɫ “Ok, but HOW? “ (8:4)
o Both Stories little turns into a lot in Jesus’ hands

ɫ 5 small loaves. 2 fish (6:38)
ɫ 7 loaves, small fish (8:5,7)

ɫ 12 lunches/ 12 disciples (6: 43)
ɫ 7# of completeness, 7 days creation (8: 8)
If Jesus is you Daily bread----

Are you trusting Him to accomplish the tasks He has set before you?

Are you reaching out in His assist in changing people's eternal address?

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