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Mark 5 Study on the Woman healed, and Jesus calls her Daughter, and Jairus 12 yr old daughter raised from death.
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  • Calvary Reformed Church, Mattawan,
    7829 5th St, Mattawan, MI 49071, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM
The Gospel of Mark is fast paced....

in about 24-36 hours, Jesus taught on the
- Sower, Seed, Soils
- Kingdom of God is Like....

- sailed from the west side of the Sea of Galilea to the east side
- in a demonic storm
- disciples filled with fear
- Christ calms the storm

- they land on the east "Gentile" area and two men accosts Jesus
- Jesus casts the demons out of them
- they want to return / go with Jesus---he says GO and SHARE

- The sail BACK to the east side and immediately Jesus starts to teach and we have the next two miracles.

A religious Leader-----weren't the leaders trying to kill Jesus
- read Mark 3: 6

Jairus's love for his daughter is stronger then the fear of what others thought

In the midst of pain, Jairus does the right thing by turning to Christ

-----are you turning to Jesus in your pain??

But now there's an interruption
As Christ is headed to the little girl he is interrupted

As the Dad...I would have been yelling....NO---come with me, this woman is UNCLEAN

But Jesus stops.....ALL people are important to Christ

- who do you pass by without a thought of?

She has been struggling for years and by faith believes if she just "touches" Jesus she will be healed.

What Faith!!!!!!!
- How about you....I, do we have faith like this??

And then Christ tells her to go in peace....
- the Greek reads more: Go into peace

as we grow in our relationship with Jesus....peace in our hearts also grows.

And Jesus calls her DAUGHTER---only place he does this, how special to her
People thought and still think Jesus is a Joke.

- we might be called Jesus Freaks----but that's ok

I know He is the King of kings and Lord of lords

Mourners were HIRED to cry at at death---sounds strange to us
Little Girl----a term of endearment (like woman was called Daughter)

Christ has the power over death, "oh death where is thy victory, oh grave where is thy sting!!!"

Friends, whatever you are going through...Christ is the only one who can
- bring you into Peace
- grant you the strength to believe and have faith

Fear not, I will never leave you nor forsake you---Christ says to the disciples, but also to you and me.

If you are growing in your relationship with Jesus Christ, we invite you to join in Calvary's outreach minisotries.