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April 18, 2021: Rejected By His Own
These are the Bible passage and sermon notes for our Sunday morning worship services.
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    Sunday 9:30 AM
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    Sunday 10:00 AM
Luke 4:14-30: Rejected By His Own
I) Jesus preached in his hometown synagogue.

A) Jesus regularly attended synagogue and gained a reputation as a great ________________.
B) Jesus selected Isaiah 61:1,2 as his __________.
II) Jesus's Message: I am Isaiah’s promised deliverer!

A) The _________________ empowered Jesus for his task.
B) Jesus came to bring the good news to the __________.

1) God has a heart for the ___________ poor.
2) Jesus frees the spiritually poor who know they cannot come to God on our own ____________ and that God doesn’t them anything.
What things make you get irritated with God? Why do you think you deserve better?
C) Jesus came to set the ____________ free.

1) Many viewed themselves as captives of ___________ occupation.
2) Jesus came to free us from the bondage of _________.
What sins enslave you? What tough questions do you need to ask yourselves about it?
D) Jesus came to give sight to the __________.

1) Jesus preformed many _______ to prove he was the promised Messiah.
2) Jesus came to remove the dark spiritual _______ and open our eyes to the gospel message.
What are the areas of your life that the Spirit is showing you need to grow in? What parts of your life need the Spirit’s illumination for you to grow?
E) Jesus came to release the ________________.

1) The Jews viewed themselves as oppressed by ______________.
2) Jesus came to release the spiritually oppressed who have been ___________ in spirit and shattered by the hard experiences of life.
What people or hard life circumstances that have crushed your Spirit? How are they controlling your life?
F) Why did Jesus not include line about Isaiah’s line about “the vengeance of God”?

1) Luke is recording what others told him Jesus said. They might not have _______________ it.
2) Jesus wanted to highlight his ushering in ______________.
3) The _______________ part will occur when Jesus comes again.
G) The gospel is for _______ including Gentiles.
III) The People's Response
A) Initially, it was superficial amazement and desire to be blessed by _______.
B) When Jesus clarified his remarks, many were ____________.
C) Luke records this incident because some responded in _________!

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