Family Worship Center - Raton, NM
Recalculating (Week 1)
This four-week series explores what happens when the future we envisioned doesn’t come to pass. How can we trust God throughout this reality? “Recalculating” is a deep dive into this question, outlining the providence and love of God even when life is all but certain.
Locations & Times
  • Family Worship Center
    219 Kearney Ave, Raton, NM 87740, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM

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Welcome to the week after Easter! Lives were changed! Eternity impacted! Hope given and Victory recognized!

This usually means something though… the path we were on, the plans we had, the vision for tomorrow might now be squashed in one sense and yet hopeful in the next!

I’m not here to predict the future other than what the word lays out in its written prophecy! I can tell you that life may look different from here on out, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

Big Idea: We must understand, embrace, and accept the biblical principle that God is in control of our everyday lives.
1) We are completely dependent on God
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2) What is God's will?
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3) What does success look like?
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Application Point: All believers' plans must be placed within the contxt of God's will and based on His Word.
Pastor Erik Raymond wrote a “Declaration of Dependence” for The Gospel Coalition. It reads:

"As a believer I realize that I am depending on Christ for:

his perfect obedience to the Father…for I did not obey,

his sinless perfection…for I am sinful,

his wrath satisfying death…for I am unable to satisfy eternal wrath,

his perfect righteousness before the judgment bar…for I have deficient righteousness,

his ability to keep me saved…for I cannot keep myself from wandering away,

his sovereign ability to rule this world…for I struggle with organizing my days,

his unfading love….for I trip on myself daily,

his ultimate motivation for life and ministry…for I have nothing in myself that trumps this,

his priceless blood that will never depreciate…for I have no means to pay.”

He goes on to say:
“It is good therefore to declare dependence upon the Savior; knowing that there is a day coming when those who are gathered together in his kingdom will unite in numbers that will dwarf the fireworks crowds, to declare dependence upon King Jesus, the Lamb who was slain.”
This space left open to write notes as Pastor Josh seems to go down rabbit trails...