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Sunday Morning Service
Sunday Morning Service
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  • Pennsville Baptist Church
    3298 Richey Rd, Mt Pleasant, PA 15666, USA
    Sunday 9:45 AM
II Kings 4:8-17
When God Blesses A Life

1. Would you like for God to bless your life?
2. I believe we think it is a secret or mystery, but if He has done it before He can and will do it again.
3. In II Kings 4:8-17 God blesses the life of this woman of Shunem.

Would you like for God to bless your life?
And it fell on a day 8, 11, 18 God is at work around us. It looked like any old day.
A. God’s Day
When you see God at work there is no any, old, ordinary day. Become aware of what God is doing around you.
B. God’s Destination
Where a great woman was
1. This was perhaps a woman of wealth, or means…perhaps.
2.Great to God. God know her name and all about her…we don’t.
3.Great: spiritually, in hospitality, in discernment, perceiving…Elisha was a holy man of God, in meekness, in honor of her husband’s position, in thoughtfulness for others, in giving, in contentedness, in wisdom (Elisha desired quietness and rest), in faith (her confidence rested in God). She sought an occasion to do good.
4.She was a great woman. SELFLESS.
5.Would God call you great? Every act that is not an act of sin is an act of righteousness! We divide life into secular or sacred. God sees it all as part of His kingdom.
C. God’s Desire
His desire was carried out through this woman.
Sensitive Heart:
1. To the Things of God She constrained him to eat bread. As often as he passed by, he turned in there to eat bread.
2.To the Need of Others She wasn’t all wrapped up in herself. She took what she had and used it for God’s glory. Nothing belonged to her. It all belonged to God!
3.To the Man of God She wasn’t doing this merely for Elisha. She was doing this for God. God saw it as a gift.
4.To the Voice of God v. 9 An holy man of God
*God opened her eyes. He is a prophet who walks close with God. He lived his profession in the home. If you can pass the test of living in the home…you are real. Your wife and children know whether you are a man of God or not. You can act on stage in front of people. Show me what you are at home. I’ll show you what you are.
*She knew what holy was and what it was not. It takes some level of holiness to perceive holiness in others (Jer. 5:30, 31). Why did the people like these prophets? They were sinful themselves.

Would you like for God to bless your life? Sensitive
A. Gave Up Part of Her House Little chamber with walls
B.Gave Out of Part of Her Heart
Said to her husband…I pray thee.
1. A Heart of Submission She may have been the owner. She may have been a great woman. Her husband must have been in agreement with her.
2.A Heart of Sensitivity Table…Lamp…Chair
*The man of God needed a place to study, pray and meditate.
*The most important part of my ministry is the time I spend in prayer, in the word and in meditation. The most important aspect of any ministry are those times that are not seen. She was aware of those needs.
C. Gave Over Part of Her Home 11
The day came that he turned in and lay there.
1. You say, “This was spiritual?”
2.Why did she do what she did? What was her motive? It was all for the glory of God. Doing dishes…changing diapers…making meals…giving up a vehicle…etc doesn’t seem very spiritual. It must be to God! God knows all about it. Everything that you do that is not an act of sin is an act of righteousness. Why do you do what you do? Motive is the determining factor!

Would you like for God to bless your life? Sensitive…Sacrificial
A. God Is Bent On Blessing Your Life As You Bless Him 12
1. If you sow sparingly, you will reap sparingly. Sow bountifully, you will reap bountifully.
2.God knows every cup of water that has been given in His name.
B. The Blessing Isn’t The Reason You Ever Do Anything In Life 13
C.If God Gives Us Anything (That’s a Bonus). If We Have Him We Have Everything. We Need Nothing Else 13b
1. I’ll stand you before the king.
2.You will be honored and rewarded…In spite of having no child, she doesn’t even mention it. “I dwell among my own people.” “I’m content. I need nothing else.” “Thanks.”
3.“I am quite satisfied with the portion God has given me. I desire no change or improvement.”
4.A Great Woman: Contentment with godliness is great gain. She was already blessed!

Would you like for God to bless your life? Sensitive…Sacrificial…Satisfied
Every now and then God just does super, abundant, above all we could ask or think!
A. God’s Awareness 14
The woman had a secret, down deep thing. You may have one of those. You don’t even mention it, but I am sure you have agonized over it. God knows all about it!!
B. God’s Awesomeness 15, 16
1. This message is too good to be true. She knows that she does not deserve it!
2.God is just awesome!! People who see God at work say that. People who pray say that!
3.No way…this is too good to be true!
C. God’s Arrival 17
1. When God says it…bank on it! This according to a set time…God’s time! The longer the wait the greater the blessing and praise!
2.A Life in His Hands Is Supernatural. It all flows from His grace and it is all for His glory!
3.All We Can Say Is, “Thanks.”

God Is Always At Work.
Become Aware Of What He Is Doing.

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