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April 4, 2021: Festival of Tabernacles
These are the Bible passage and sermon notes for our Sunday morning worship services.
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Leviticus 23:33-45: Festival of Tabernacles

I) The Festival of Tabernacles

A) It was a huge 7-day celebration that all men in Israel were ____________ to attend.

B) The people gave thanks for the ________________ God provided.

1) Special sin and grain ____________ were given each day.

2) People waved _________ branches in the temple as a sign of praise.

C) They built and lived in _________ to remember their dependence on God.

D) Additional Jewish traditions highlighted God’s presence and salvation in the wilderness.

1) Priests would collect _______ from Pool of Siloam & pour it on the alter.

2) Illumination of Temple: Huge lampstands lit up the night and reminded them of God’s ___________.

II) Jesus in the Festival of Tabernacles
A) God tabernacled among us when Jesus became __________. (John 1:14)
B) Jesus said he was the living ___________ of salvation they desired during the Simchat Beit HaShoeva water ceremony. (John 7:37-39)
C) Jesus said he was the __________ of (God’s presence in) the world during the Festival of Tabernacles (John 8:12).

III) How does the Festival of Tabernacles apply to us?

A) Jesus is God’s promised _______________.

B) Jesus’s Spirit will give believers the ___________________ they need!

C) Our lives are _____________. If we trust in Jesus, we will get to dwell with God for all eternity.

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