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Pennsville Baptist Church
Sunday Morning Service
Sunday Morning Service
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  • Pennsville Baptist Church
    3298 Richey Rd, Mt Pleasant, PA 15666, USA
    Sunday 9:45 AM
John 20:19-23
I Will Not Be Afraid

1. Fear has been the theme for 2020-2021. Everything is designed to cause fear and division.
2. With FEAR you need a Savior…the government is our savior. Look at all that has happened
in just 3 months.
3. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but power love and a sound mind. (II Tim. 1:7)
I will not be afraid (Ps. 56:5) How can we not be afraid?
4. John 20:19-23 The disciples were most likely in the upper room. The doors and windows were
shut and locked. They were afraid! They were shaken to the core!

I will not be afraid. How can we destroy fear?
Jesus stood in the midst of them.
A. He Does Care
1. He is standing. At those times of fear I must see Jesus standing for me (on my behalf).
2.He is now seated at the right hand of God.
*(Acts 7:54-56) Stephen is being stoned.
*Stephen saw Christ standing. Notice Stephen’s reaction when he should have been devoured by fear!!
3. Jesus Christ does care. He is actively involved in my life! Does Jesus Care? O yes
He cares I know He cares. His heart is touched with my grief.
B. He Does See Stood in the midst of them
1. Perhaps they didn’t see Him immediately. They were so wrapped up in their world that was now in shambles.
2.In the midst This is always His rightful place. He is there. We don’t have to beg or plead. I will never, no never leave you nor forsake you.
3.We need to see Him. So often we are so wrapped up in the news of the day that we fail to see. FEAR BLOCKS OUR VISION!

I will not be afraid. How can we destroy fear?
Peace be unto you.
A. He Speaks Peace
1.All the past is forgotten. He didn’t call them down for leaving Him. He didn’t remind them of being cowards. He didn’t remind them of the frailty or failure.
2.They didn’t need rebuked. He speaks to their need. The one thing these troubled hearts needed…Peace!
3.He speaks the same word to our hearts… “Peace” Never forget the One who speaks is a Conqueror. The grave is empty! Go to the empty tomb as often as you need it.
B. He Speaks Personally Peace be unto you.
1.It is available. It may not be mine now, at this moment, but it is for me. Peace has your name on it! It is a fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace.
2.Peace: There are two types of peace…
*There is peace with God. You first of all must know Christ as your Savior. At the moment of knowing Him the war is over.
*There is the peace of God. Peace I leave with you, My peace I give unto you: not as the world gives, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. (John 14:27)
3. So often Christ speaks, but we do not listen. We are so involved with our schemes.
We are so busy telling God what is best for us and how to work things out for our
good. We are God and He is not.

I will not be afraid. How can we destroy fear?
If Christ is really alive…all FEAR is settled. He shows them His hands and side.
A.His Credentials
“Can you see these wounds in my hands and side? They were the credentials I presented to my Father on your behalf. My Father accepted them. Will you?”
B.His Control
They were glad when they saw the Lord.
1.We will be glad when we see the Lord. His is in control and we are not. He is in control of government…my children…my health…my life…my death…my finances…my future. (Rom 8:28, 29)
2.Turn the controls over to Him. He can do whatever He wants for our good and His glory.
C. His Calmness
1.Heaven wasn’t shaken one bit by the Jews or the instability of the disciples.
2.Whatever your fear, the conquering, victorious Christ comes in calmness.

I will not be afraid. How can we destroy fear?
A. He Sends In Peace
Peace be with you.
1.This is the second peace. They as well as we are going to a world that is resentful, resistant and lost.
2.Too often we are too wrapped up in ourselves…our fears. We miss a major purpose as to why we are saved. As we become involved in the job of getting out the good news and stop living for ourselves, God takes care of our fears. With each time we present the Gospel we are reminded: Jesus Is Alive!
B. He Sends In Power
As the Father has sent Me so send I you.
1.He wants me to see the lost as He sees the lost. He wants me to love as He loves.
2.We are Ambassadors for the King! In some sense the mission of the disciples was just as important as His!
3.He was sent to make salvation possible. He was sending them and us to make salvation available.

I will not be afraid. How can we destroy fear?
A. An Assistant Receive ye the Holy Spirit
1. The Holy Spirit is the forgotten God.
2. The Holy Spirit was going to empower them for the days prior to Pentecost.
3. Be controlled by the Holy Spirit (Eph. 5:18) When one is controlled by the Holy
Spirit there is no room for fear. Instead of trying not to fear, concentrate more of
absolute surrender to the Holy Spirit. Are you controlled by the Holy Spirit?
4.The Holy Spirit is absolutely essential when sharing the Good News or defeating fear.
B. An Assignment 23
1. Some have used this verse to say that some men can forgive sin. Only God can
forgive sins. Nowhere is it ever recorded that a disciple forgave sins.
2. The context is the Gospel: if one trusts Christ his sins are forgiven. When Christ is
rejected your sin remains and you are lost.
3. They were to go in Christ’s promise. In Acts 10:42, 43 Peter used this method.
Jesus says, “Come to Me and you will be saved. Reject Me and you will be lost.”
4. In going we get our eyes off ourselves and with every presentation we are reminded:
Jesus Is Alive! That is the answer to our fears.

You can never have the peace of God until you have peace with God.

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