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Divine Appointments - "Mary, Sister of Martha and Lazarus."
Senior Pastor Jon Saur
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    4832 Cochran St, Simi Valley, CA 93063, USA
    Saturday 5:00 PM, Saturday 6:00 PM

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In the "Divine Appointments" sermon series, Jesus' interactions with different characters in the Gospel of John will be examined, so that we can recognize how Jesus interacts with us in our lives.

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday begins Holy Week, when we celebrate Jesus riding into Jerusalem. Here is an article on Palm Sunday and what it signifies for Christians.

Who is Mary of Bethany?

Here is a link to some background info on who Mary of Bethany was and where she appears in the Bible.

The Text In Context

"I am not at all shocked or surprised that Mary willingly sacrifices her most prized possession in her worship of the Lord. He is worthy of the best we can offer. In fact, the best we can offer is not worthy of Him...."

Mary of Bethany in Art

Here is a collection of depictions of Mary of Bethany in different works of art.

1. Though the crowd didn't understand that Jesus was about to die, Mary did. From what you know of Mary's story, how might she have gained this insight?

2. Mary doesn't shy away from the cross. She acknowledges, by anointing Jesus, that he is about to die. In what ways have you, or people close to you, shied away from the cross? How can Mary's example encourage you to reflect on the cross and reflect on difficult truths in life?

3. Mary gives extravagantly by breaking the bottle of perfume open. Judas points out that this perfume could have been sold for about a year's wage. How is giving to Jesus' mission, as expressed through the church, connected to spiritual maturity? How can giving change one's perspective over time?

4. As we begin Holy Week, how can reflecting on the cross deepen our understanding of Easter?

1. What is one of your most important possessions?

2. Mary gives up one of her most important possessions to honor Jesus. Can you imagine giving up the possession you mentioned above?

3. It may not be your most important possession that God calls you to give, but God calls all Christians to be willing to sacrifice, in the same way Jesus sacrificed himself. What is a way you could give something that would honor God?

Holy Week Schedule: 3/28: Palm Sunday Outdoor Worship Service w/ Communion; 4/2: Good Friday Outdoor Worship Service w/ Communion; 4/4: Easter Outdoor Worship Services

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