Cornerstone Community Church
Ready to Testify
Speaker: Pastor Nate Herrlin
Locations & Times
  • CCC meeting at Bethel Church of the Nazarene
    125 Koffee Ln, Kutztown, PA 19530, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM

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"Our strength undoubtedly comes from our faith in the Resurrection, a source of hope. My faith tells me that my children are in the arms of Jesus Christ our Lord. And we, the survivors, try to forgive the aggressor, because our Master Jesus has forgiven his executioners. By imitating him in our sufferings, we testify that love is stronger than everything.”

Breakpoint Daily, “Peace & security for the Ancient Church in Iraq?”
IMPORTANT things to notice:

1.The TRANSFORMATION of Paul’s life.
2.The CONVICTION of Paul’s belief.
3.The COURAGE behind Paul’s message.
Our strategy for growing healthy Christians:
- Immerse
- Fuse
- Radiate
3 Handles in sharing your story

1. What was I like BEFORE Jesus?
Acts 26:9-11
3 Handles in sharing your story

2. How did I come to BELIEVE in Jesus?
Acts 26:12-18
3 Handles in sharing your story

3. What CHANGED after I came to believe?
Acts 26:19-23
Next steps:

1. Think through the 3 handles of your story, and write it down.

2. Focus on the 2nd handle: Place your faith in Jesus!