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Divine Appointments - "Pilate"
Senior Pastor Jon Saur
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    4832 Cochran St, Simi Valley, CA 93063, USA
    Saturday 5:00 PM, Saturday 6:00 PM

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In this series, Jesus' interactions with different characters in the Gospel of John will be examined. By doing so, we can better understand how Jesus interacts with us and be empowered to better interact with others.

The Text In Context

What we know of Pilate from history is not very flattering. He made several major mistakes, which set the scene for what takes place in our text. Normally, when Roman governors arrived in Jerusalem, they removed their standards (a pole with a Roman eagle or an image of the emperor mounted on the top) because of the Jews’ disdain for such images. In spite of his awareness of these Jewish scruples and past Roman practice, Pilate’s troops marched into Jerusalem carrying...

Who was Pontius Pilate?

Pilate was a Roman Governor who, for a time, oversaw the region of Judea. Pilate governed when Jesus was crucified and was the Roman official who allowed Jesus' crucifixion.
This link will provide some more background information on Pilate.
It may be weird to think of "truth" being a person, but that is the claim of the gospel. What changes for us when we embrace the fact that Jesus is the truth? Three possibilities are:

1. The way we read scripture - When we acknowledge the Jesus is the truth, we read scripture to understand Jesus' character and learn more about him, rather than reading scripture to try and support arguments.

2. We reflect on, if what we hold to be true, makes us more like Jesus or less like Jesus. If we believe Jesus is the truth, then what we profess to be true should reflect Jesus' character and our behavior will align with Jesus'.

3. We are open to those who would challenge our idea of truth - If Jesus is the truth, then "truth" doesn't rest on our ability (or inability) to defend it. It rests on who Jesus is. So, we can be witnesses to Jesus, the truth, and we can point people to Jesus, trusting that the truth will stand. This takes a burden off of us and allows us to fill our role as witnesses to the truth.

What else do you think might change if we embrace the fact that Jesus is the truth?

Evangelism in a Culture Uncertain About Truth

Christianity Today had a good article from 2017 about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in a culture that has multiple answers to the question "What is truth?" Hopefully, this article can help guide you through how to reflect Jesus' character in our world today.

1. How do you define truth?

2. How do you think our culture defines truth?

3. How has the church defined truth?

4. What do you think changes about our understanding of truth when we realize that Jesus, a person, is the truth, rather than any sort of proposition or idea we affirm?

1. What does it mean when something is "true?"

2. What is something you believe is "true?"

3. The Bible says Jesus is "the truth." When you are uncertain about whether or not something is "true," how can who Jesus is, help you figure it out?

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