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II Kings 2:19-21
When Life Is Barren

1. What can we do when life is barren?
2. II Kings 2:19-21 This was the case in this passage.

What can we do when life is barren?
Look honestly at the facts. Look at your walk with the Lord. Look at your attitude. Look
at your relationships. Be honest about your evaluation.
A. Right Person
The men of the city said to Elisha.
1. The right person is one who has a life of commitment, consistency and he walks with God. He hears from God. The power of God is demonstrated in his life.
2.Listen to the man who listens to God. Listen to no man who fails to listen to God.
3.It is easy to listen to the wrong people. I remember a young man who had on a Jesus T-shirt. He had gotten saved from a life of drugs. He said to me, “All you give is doctrine. Doctrine will kill your walk with God.” He had heard that doctrine kills. It wasn’t long after that Charlie was struggling, barren with little or no foundation.
B. Right Perspective Jericho
1. A Beautiful Place
*Jericho means, ‘fragrant’ ‘sweet smell’
*You would put it on a picture post card or make up a brochure.
*(I Kings 16:34) under Ahab the city was rebuilt. In his days did Hiel the Bethlite build Jericho. It was a new city. It was a beautiful place.
*It is easy to get caught up on the external and we stop there. We have a form, ritual, ceremony. We pray the prayers, sing the songs. We don’t drink, swear or do drugs.
*Be realistic: Is there life? Is it your life or His?
2. A Bad Place “But”
The water is bad
*The word bad is used 31 times as wicked.
*It signifies not only that which is evil, but that which is harmful and injurious to
*Is your life a blessing or does it hurt those you love?
3. A Barren Place
The ground was barren. In the margin of some bibles: Causing to miscarry.
*Jewish commentators understood this to mean that these waters caused the
cattle to deliver their young too early. Trees shed their fruit before it was mature
and women were incapable of bearing children.
*Nothing developed. It would grow for a while and then quit.
*Why? Disobedience…(Joshua 6:26) Cursed be the man before God, that riseth
up and buildeth this city. Hiel built the city and his two sons died. We can put
on a show, but are you living in known disobedience?! God can’t bless your
life. God will not reveal His will. You grew for a while, but you stopped

What can we do when our life becomes barren?
Be willing to do what God requires to get rid of the barrenness!
A. It Was So Simple
Bring me a new jar and put salt in it.
1.What does God tell you to do about your particular sin?
2.Confess your sins…agree with God about your sin. Be kind, tender hearted forgiving one another as God for Christ sake has forgiven you. Has someone wronged you? Let them go. Put away anger, wrath, calmour, evil speaking…put it away. Stop it! Let him that stole steal no more. Flee youthful lust. Turn off the porn. Run!! Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world.
3.Find what God tells you to do and then do it! Love the Lord your God with all you heart, soul and mind and love your neighbor as yourself.
B. It Was So Sincere
And they brought it to him.
1. Adjust your life. Find that new jar. Find that salt.
2.Quit making excuses as to why you don’t do what He tells you to do.
3.Any excuse will sound pretty flimsy. People are dying.

What can we do when our life becomes barren?
You can’t do it. God can and He must or it won’t be done!!
A. The Work of God
He went unto the springs of water.
1. Go to the source of the problem. Stand there and look at it.
2.“This is too BIG.” Realize you can’t do it. Stand there until you say, “Impossible!!”
3.God always asks us to do the impossible. We can’t!!
4.PRIDE: I can handle this. I can do this. PRIDE is at the root of all barrenness.
B. The Word of God
Thus saith the Lord, “Cast the salt in”
1. It’s not in the new jar, the salt or Elisha.
2.Do what God says! God’s revelation is His invitation to become involved in what He is doing. The will of God is based on the Word of God.
3.It will take adjusting our lives to do what He wants us to do. You can’t continue with the same old…same old.
4. Elisha did exactly what God said. Whatever we do is inadequate unless God tells you to do it. When God speaks you will know it! This speaking flows from a love relationship. Do you love the Lord with all of your heart? If not, you will never know God’s will.
C. The Way of God 21
“I have healed these waters.”
1.Who did? God did! What God does He does completely. The water is not pure!!
2.Everyone knew who did it. When God does something life springs forth. Only God can give life.
D. The Witness To God 22
What God does He does permanently.
1.Salvation: When God saves He saves completely and permanently.
2.Sanctification: Manmade emotionalism doesn’t last. When I plant something it springs up and dies. Out of your heart will flow rivers of living water. Any thirsty traveler can drink from that spring and have his thirst quenched.

Is your life barren?
REQUIREMENTS: Do what God tells you to do about your particular sin.
RELEASE: Turn the barrenness over into the hands of a BIG God.

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